2 Febbraio 2017 by themerma


Valentine Day, it’s right around the corner, are you ready ??
With just two weeks.
I have some ideas of what you might wear to celebrate with your loved one.
Now you tell me you’re not interested ??
True, it is very important to love each others all year.

These parties are important to focus more on the lives of couples and give more attention to our relationships. Often the frenetic life of every one leads to neglect small attentions, that are important as the air we breathe. No matter if you celebrate outside or in the house, if you make a gift or a small letter.
It’s Valentine’s Day, and you know it!

The party of the people who want to give more attention and love.

I want to show you the watch that I received from Daniel Wellington. You can use my discount from 2 to 15 February. Code “TMF” to get 15% off on the purchase.

For those who purchase the watch with the leather strap, will receive as a gift a small silver charm that slips in the belt.

A true love 🙂




Valentine day e molto vicino, siete pronte??
Mancano appena 2 settimane.
Ho un po di idee cosa potreste indossare per festeggiare con la persona amata.
Adesso mi dirai che non ti interessa??
E vero, e molto importante amarsi tutto il anno. Queste feste anche loro sono importanti per focalizzare di piu sulla vita di copia e dare piu attenzione alla nostra dolce metà. Spesso la vita frenetica di ogni uno porta a trascurare i piccoli attenzioni che sono importanti come l’aria che respiriamo. Indifferentemente se festeggi fuori o in casa, se fai un regalo o una piccola letterina…
Tu lo sai, è San Valentino!

La festa delle persone che vogliono darsi più attenzione e amarsi.

Voglio mostrarvi il orologio ricevuto da Daniel Wellington.

Potete usare mio sconto dal 2-15 Febbraio codice “TMF” per avere -15% sul acquisto. Per quelli che acquistano il orologio con il cinturino in pelle, ricevono in regalo un charm piccolo in argento che si infila nel bucchino della cintura. Un vero amore 🙂

** This post are sponsored by DANIEL WELLINGTON but the content and opinions expresses here are my own.


FUR: VINTAGE similar here

DRESS: GUCCI similar here or here 


SHOES : EVALUNA similar here


  • Maggie
    2 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love the DW watch! It seriously goes with everything because it’s so minimalistic and elegant at the same time. Love how glamorous you look too!

    Maggie S.

    • themerma
      3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

      thank you dear

  • Jenelle
    3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    The buckle detail on this dress is so cool!! Trust Gucci, though, right? Amazing detail.
    Hmm, my partner doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day, so it isn’t something we celebrate but I love that idea!
    xx Jenelle

    • themerma
      3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

      My partner, too but psssst:))
      thanks babe

  • Candace
    3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Daniel Wellington has some of the most classic watches. I love how you dressed up yours in this look. You are beyond on point! Let me borrow that fur jacket 🙂

    • themerma
      3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

      hello cutie, okkk :))

  • Christine Kong
    3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love the fur jacket. It instantly adds glam to the outfit. The fishnet stockings are so on trend and together with the fur you make one killer look. I love Daniel Wellington watches. They are so minimal and chic and can be worn with any outfit. xoxo, Christine

    • themerma
      3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

      thank you to appreciate my outfit

  • Gina Diaz
    3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love everything that you are wearing, my favorite is the stockings!!! beautiful styling! Xx, Gina

    • themerma
      3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

      thank you love

  • Atsuna Matsui
    3 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    You look so extravagant in this outfit! The sheer tights have such a unique design and I think it pairs beautifully with your fur coat. Daniel Wellington is such a classic brand as well and I think they suit for any occasion.

  • Samantha Mariko
    4 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    you look so ready for a Valentine’s date – how cute is this fur coat! love this look.

    • Velvet
      9 Marzo 2017 / Rispondi

      Heck yeah this is exlatcy what I needed.

  • Cece Lam
    5 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    DW is so bomb! You’re always so stylish!!! 🙂 thanks for sharing with us your wonderful look!

  • Thomas Falkenstedt
    5 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I seriously can’t take my eyes off that fur as it is beautiful! I don’t care much about Valentine’s as I do think it’s just another Hallmark holiday and that we should show each other love and appreciation every day of the year, but that also goes for staying stylish like you do! 🙂 xx Thomas

  • Michelle
    5 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Love that watch! I have a similar DW! And your fishnets are so on trend! Love your style 🙂

  • Oanna fashionsimbol
    5 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Such a great post my dear !! i love this look and how u styled it with the black stockings <3

  • gracie
    6 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Such a smart choice for male of female to buy a DW watch ! SO timeless and who wouldn’t love to receive one ? Great suggestion and I love your coat too 🙂
    xx, gracie

  • Jen
    7 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    How can you not be stylish in that gorgeous fur coat! That will steal any show and you’ll be the star of any Valentine’s Day outfit!! Seriously the most gorgeous outfit darling! I love your tights too. Your style is super unique and you never cease to amaze me!

  • Open Kloset By Karina
    7 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Hey Darling:)
    How are you?
    Your Coat is so Elegant and Chic:) With that Beautiful Dress Looks Amazing:)
    Thank you for Sharing:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

    • Krystal
      9 Marzo 2017 / Rispondi

      Dag nabbit good stuff you whrpepisnappers!

  • Diana
    7 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    stockings look so sexy and love your DW watch! Fur coat is my obsession!

  • Sofia
    8 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love a small black dress. It will always be a classic to me!

  • Jo
    9 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I totally love this rocker chic look! It’s such a gorgeous and glamorous date night look for Valentine’s Day. Your vintage fur coat is amazing.

    xo, Jo

  • Wanderlustts
    10 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I have the same Daniel Wellington watch in Rose gold! Absolutely love it because it’s so classy and perfect for everyday wear. Definitely love their rose gold heart charm as well, I stole the silver one from my boyfriend so i got two cute little hearts on my strap !


  • amanda
    11 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I always love your post! Your coat is so stylish and warm and I also love that DW watch. I have one and it’s one of my favorites! Also, I totally need those tights! Super sexy and perfect for Valentines Day!

    Manda |

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci
    12 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Wow ! I am absolutely impressed by this whole entire outfit ! The stockings, the fur, the belt all add so much sophistication to a beautiful look. The watch is truly a classic and adds so much elegance!

  • Eliza
    12 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Aww, this look is absolutely fantastic and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love these classy and elegant pieces. And totally agree, that it’s so important to love each other and do something crazy together <3
    Cheers, Eliza |

  • shalini
    12 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    This is such an elegant and beautiful look for Valentines day and I absolutely adore those tights. The DW watch really is a classic piece, I do think every one should own one. It is a great valentine gift as well. xo shalni

  • Aldora
    13 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    You look stunning in that FUR! I love how you style your V Day look – it’s so classy and differs from the conventional romantic pink & red shades.

    xx Aldora

  • Vivian
    13 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love Daniel Wellington watches, and this new black one is definitely my current favourite on my wishlist!!! The heart shape accessory is soooo cute, such an unique idea! I love your outfit here as well, the fur coat is so chic!

  • Sarah
    13 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I am totally in love with this look for Valentine’s Day and your gorgeous watch is the perfect touch. It’s such a minimal piece that works well with everything. I am so inspired by your outfit, I seriously wish I lived in a cooler country so I could wear a fur coat.



  • Jessie
    13 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    A nice piece of accessory bring your outfit to the next level! I love every piece of them that you have chosen for this outfit! Great watch and bag !

    xx, Jessie

  • Lani McGuire of
    14 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I really like your outfit selection 🙂 those tights are so cute. Your words are very impactful also. I agree Valentine’s Day is less about the gifts (though that watch anddiscount are nice) instead it’s all about expressing your love for theimportant people in your life <3

    • Hollie
      8 Marzo 2017 / Rispondi

      One of my favorite shows has to be the current 30th aneranrsviy show, as I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the studio audience! I especially enjoy all the interviews and information you have passed along that have enabled us, as sewers, to use our love of sewing for those in need. Thank you!

  • Gina Diaz
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    You are always so stylish!!! I love this outfit and how it looks on you! DW is my favorite 🙂

    Xx, Gina

  • Maryam
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    You have such a great style. DW is one of my favorites too. Their watches are timeless.

    xo, Maryam

  • Lily Rose
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    You look so so beautiful in this black and white outfit. I especially love your coat. You DW watch is also beautiful, so elegant and classic. It would make such a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Sheree
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    This fur coat is just so unbelievably chic!! Love it with that amazing Gucci dress and those fishnet stockings. A trifecta of style.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • Andreea Birsan
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I couldn’t agree more with what you pointed out! You look fantastic in that faux fur coat and I would definitely love one of those DW watches. Have a lovely day! x


  • Lily
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Oh my gosh – that jacket!! I need it! You look beyond fabulous and I just adore that watch on you! Xx

  • Rachel Holliday
    15 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    This is such a beautiful look!! I think it’s all too easy to go red and girly when it Valentines, but this is so quirky and pretty 🙂 Your DW watch is so lovely- I think they are such a versatile accessory

    Rachel xx

  • Jacqueline
    16 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    That fur coat is seriously everything. Loving those tights too! I didn’t dress up like I usually do but I love this whole outfit!

  • Hadasah Love
    16 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Hi dear,
    I hope your had a beautiful Valentine’s Day. Loved this this amazing post and DW watch is perfect!!!

  • Vanessa Berlin
    16 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Thanks for sharing all of this amazing tips! You look absolutely gorgeous, I love the whole outfit! I especially adore the fur coat, I actually have one that looks similar to that one! I’m honestly super inspired by your outfit, I love it so much!


  • Darlene
    17 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    Thats a really stunning style to wear on Valentines! I hope you had a great one

  • Sofia
    19 Febbraio 2017 / Rispondi

    I would also go with the little black dress! Is such a staple piece and easy to dress up with anything.
    Love how you paired it with the fishnets and the gorgeous fur jacket!

  • Belle
    7 Marzo 2017 / Rispondi

    That jacket is so gorgeous! What a classic and ladylike look!
    xx Belle