DAILY CHIC: How to balance a midi dress

13 Aprile 2017 by themerma

DAILY CHIC: How to balance a midi dress

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Just a few days at Easter I m caught with all my things. My daughters are now at home on vacation from school for a week, so I have to work a bit of them my time for blogging is limited.

I wore this dress two weeks ago when I went to Bellagio, I also posted on Instagram.

From the Italian designer Sandro Ferrone in  midi length.

It had a tight bodice. The waist lane is marked with a canete belt knotted in ribbon, the part of the skirt extends from the waist. Viva the femininity and women with voluminous skirts.

How to balance the midi dress:

You can glam up with a statement heels and accessorize with smart handbag and a cat-eye shades for the chicest edge.

You cn find other tips about in my previous post and see other midi lenght skirt here.

What do you think??



DAILY CHIC: Come bilanciare il vestito MIDI


Mancano pochi giorni a Pasqua io sono presa con tutte le mie cose. Le mie figlie adesso sono a casa in ferie dalla scuola per una settimana, quindi devo occuparmi  un po’ di loro, il mio tempo per il blogging e limitato.

Avevo indossato questo abito midi  due settimane fa quando sono stata a Bellagio, se mi segui su Instagram sicuramente l’avevo già  visto quando avevo già postato.

E un abito a lunghezza midi dalla stilista Sandro Ferrone.

Ha un corpetto stretto. Vita segnata con un nastro canete, rosso, annodato in vita a fiochetto. La parte della gonna si allarga da punto vita in giù.

Viva la femminilità e le donne con gonne voluminose.

Come bilanciare il vestito MIDI: 

È possibile farla diventare più glam con i tacchi e accessorizzare con una mini borsetta e occhiali a forma occhio di gatto per un look giornaliero più chic.

Puoi vedere altre idee del mio post precedente oppure sempre come viene indossata una gonna midi.

Cosa ne pensi??

**this post was sponsored by SANDRO FERRONE

Wearing: Sandro Ferrone dress



  • Christine Kong
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I love this plaid midi dress and how you styled it with the pops of red. The red ribbon belt is darling and that adorable bag is perfect to add some color to this classy dress. The white sunnies make it fun and a perfect spring look. xoxo, Christine

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    This is a completely gorgeous midi dress on you! I appreciate how you showed us all how you balanced it and the end result is superb! The red and white accessories are perfection!

  • Samjah
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    This dress would be perfect for Easter!!! I love a good fit and flare dress. They are so classy and feminine. You styled it well with red accessories and those chic sunglasses. Love this look!

  • Open Kloset By Karina
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Hey Beauty;)
    This is not the First time that you Wearing Sandro Ferrone Dresses, Love this Brand:) I know them just because of your Blog:)
    Loved the Red Belt and the Red Cute Bag, Makes Cute Combination:)
    The Sunnies is so Cool, totally perfect:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Easter

  • Camille
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 this look is so stylish!

    Camille xo


  • Gina Diaz
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I love this midi dress on you and also love the white glasses, everything in this look is superb!! thank you for sharing such a lovely post full of inspiration!!! btw, amazing photos!!!

    happy weekend! xx, Gina

  • Jo
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look so stylish and chic in this look! I love your pretty midi dress. It’s so timeless and lady-like.

    xo, Jo

  • Aurela
    15 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    The plaid midi dress looks gorgeous on you ! For sure Italian designers know how to make women look pretty and feminine. I adore that mini bag and the white cat eye sunglasses. The whole look is chic and perfect for Spring season.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!
    Aurela xoxo

  • Candace
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Skater style dresses are definitely my favorite. The styling is so effortless and they work for anything…the office included. Yours looks so chic. Love the neutral colors too!


  • Michelle
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    OMG I’m a HUGE midi fan. I totally agree it’s all about balance and proportion when styling them. This dress is adorable and I love your bag. So chic, Eva!

  • Amy
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    This outfit is so chic! Love this look on you. Those sunnies are so cute and fun.


  • Gabriela Vera
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look fabulous in this dress, and I love how you styled it with the sunnies. Enjoy your Sunday babe.

    Gabriela Vera

  • Tijana
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    amazing post 🙂
    happy Easter 🙂


  • Meg
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look so amazing in this dress! I love how you accessorized it. Looks so gorgeous.


  • Vanessa Berlin
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Totally in love with this post! The midid dress looks gorgeous on you! I especially love how you added a pop of color with the red bag. I appreciate the fact that you also informed us how to balance it! Thanks for sharing love<3



  • Sofia
    16 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I love midi dresses because i think they’re just so flattering to my body shape! Im curvy with a small waist and feel like other types of dresses are harder to wear sometimes. I love that you combined the blue with a gorgeous red bag and those cool vintage looking sunnies!


  • Queen Horsfall
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    This dress looks so elegant on you, to be honest you look amazing in midi dresses and skirts! Very classy length! Btw this cute red bag, I was looking for something similar.


  • Jenelle
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I remember walking along this part of Bellagio! Such beautiful gardens. Enjoy the time with your daughter, good luck for school holidays. Love this bag! xx Jenelle

  • Natalia k
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look so glamorous and retro chic in this midi dress.
    I love the styling and appreciate the helpful tips on how to rock this look.

  • Wanderlustts
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Great tips on how to wear a midi dress. I don’t have anything like this in my closet because I’m not super tall and anything below my knee makes me look incredibly short. Love the pop of red you paired with your dress through, it’s such a fun pop of colour! everything looks so spring appropriate!

  • Samantha Mariko
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    The cinched waist on this midi dress makes you look so elegant and chic! I love your choice in accessories as well 🙂

  • Maryam
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I’ve been a fan of midi skirts and dresses for ever. There’s just something elegant about this length. I specially like the one you are wearing. It’s perfect for Easter or brunch any weekend. Those white sunnies are the perfect addition to this look.

    xo, Maryam

  • Thomas Falkenstedt
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    This outfit is screaming Hollywood glamour from the 50s and I just love how you styled the midi with those sunnies and the beautiful white shoes. Also love the pop of color you inserted in here! Must have made a success at Bellagio! 🙂


  • Aimara
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look absolutely stunning girl!Love the photos and how you styled this beautiful dress!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your fam!

  • Aimara
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look absolutely stunning girl!Love the photos and how you styled this beautiful dress!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your fam! Also, your sunnies and bag are to die for!!!

  • Aimara
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You look absolutely stunning girl! Love the photos and how you styled this plaid midi dress!
    It’s all in the details and you nailed it with the accessories 🙂
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your fam! Also, your sunnies and bag are to die for!!!

  • Aimara
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Love the photos and how you styled this plaid midi dress!
    It’s all in the details and you nailed it with the accessories 🙂
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your fam! Also, your sunnies and bag are to die for!!!

  • Sweet as Fiction
    17 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I am totally digging that plaid dress on you! You wear it so well. Such great tips in this blog post that I will definitely take away with me when shopping for a midi dress.

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  • Eliza
    18 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    The tea-length dresses are my favourite to wear! Absolutely love your choice, checkered navy blue dresses with this red ribbon belt looks so elegant. I think this belt and the bag are perfectly matched. I really love your elegant and classy style!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  • Katya | Style Sprinter
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Those sunnies bring a bit of edginess to this overall classy look and I totally love how this OOTD turned out! I agree that a classic midi dress requires a few colorful splashes so such ensemble looks more chic! By the way, that red bag is so adorable — I love it so much!


  • shalini
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    This dress really gives you an amazing shape and would look good on many body types. I love the pattern on this dress and really loved how you styled it with those retro sunglasses and the red bag. Super fabulous darling! xo shalini

  • Jacqueline
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I love how you balanced it with a belt and a matching bag. This silhouette looks so perfect on you! I would never even think to wear this dress with a contrasting light color. (I always wear dark colors) But love how you mixed it up and paired it with something unique!

  • Sarah Atiq
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    You are looking so chic and gorgeous. This is such a beautiful dress by Sandro Ferrone, I really love the cut and style. You’ve styled it perfectly with red accessories, I especially love your bag. And the white sunnies are the perfect touch for Spring 🙂


  • Sheree
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Very cute look with this plaid midi dress. It is a little bit retro, but has the old hollywood glam to it. I am still super obsessed about your cute little bag!! The ring handle detail is so perfect for carrying in your hands and also on your shoulder as a crossbody.

    ~ xo Sheree

  • marcy
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Such a classic silhouette and really love the plaid color and the red ribbon in the waist is so adorable and cute. The little red bag, the shoes and the glasses is perfection babe! You looks beautiful in all the pictures. Please keep inspiring us with your amazing style!


  • Andreea Birsan
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Can’t get enough of your amazing dress collection! Love the print and shape of this one, it feels so lady like! The subtle print on it gives it even a cooler vibe and the way you chose to style the dress makes everything so perfect! The white sunnies are so fabulous and so is that beautiful red bag.

  • Elif Kadioglu
    19 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Such a gorgeous plaid midi dress! Beautiful 50’s look. Love how you styled it and the white sunnies are perfect for this chic look! The red bag is really cute, love the shape! You look stunning. xoxo Elif

  • Tandya
    20 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    Happy Easter! I hope you have a great week with your kids. I ready your other blog post featuring this designer. LOVE the dresses. Thank you for the tips for wearing a midi. I think the belt was a nice touch.

  • Brown Eyed Toast
    20 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I remember seeing this midi dress on your feed & love seeing it again here! Glad to hear that your daughters are home, and although it has been busy, you had time to share this beautiful post with us. The plaid design on dark fabric is perfectly chic, and your tips on how to accessorize it are fab!

  • Tania
    20 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I think midi dresses have got to be the most classic silhouette, and yet something about them in modern times looks quite fresh as well. I really love how you styled yours with retro accessories and Americana colors–especially your unique bag, it is so cute!

    xx <a href="http://www.freshfizzle.com

  • Gracie
    20 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I love this dress and especially love the red bag. This is a great designer. You look so chic. Photography is really good too.



  • Jen
    21 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    I love the way you tied a bow on your dress as a belt! It’s super cute and lady like. The pops of red are just stunning and the whole dress is super classy. What a beauty you are!!

  • Audria
    22 Aprile 2017 / Rispondi

    OMG, you are looking really beautiful dear, so love style, simple but chic!!!!