18 Maggio 2017 by themerma


Half shoulder inspiring me even more, like the floral prints and metallic accessories.

Often the easiest way to track trends for me is on the fashion magazines or Pinterest. And we’re seeing on particular under-the-radar assymetric shirt style all over the new arrivals of different brands.

I’m found also on my closet half shoulder, asymmetric tops from more than 10 years ago.

And I m really proud to pull out and wear them. Them are perfect from the day to evening or from beach to bar. You can pair them with high waisted trousers, shorts like mine or midi skirts

I’m currently received this bag from WARLOOM.

Love this handcrafted shoulder bag very good manufacturing in French nappa end Indonesian gold python.

The high quality golden part of the shoulder strap and brass, as well as the mid-lined leather lining and calamity closure, and not least the emblem of the brand in front on the hidden golden python piece. The quality is also seen in small details such as the edges of the inner leather pockets, the quality of the zipper etc.


Warloom is an italian brand inspired by the idea of the cirkus from the 50’s. A magic environment full of dreams, illusion, fantastica and colors.

This collection was realized for an independent, dynamic and chic woman.

The research of materials are mixed with design and passion which makes the collection timeless.




Mono-spalla sono gli top che attualmente mi ispirano di più, come le stampe floreali e gli accessori metallici. Spesso il modo più semplice per seguire le tendenze per me è sulle riviste di moda o Pinterest. La stiamo vedendo in particolare lo stile under-the-radar in tutto, i nuovi arrivi di diversi brand .

Avevo trovato nel mio guardaroba , top asimmetrici da più di 10 anni fa. E sono davvero orgogliosa di indossarli per uscire .Sono perfetti dal giorno alla sera o dalla spiaggia al bar. Puoi accoppiarli con pantaloni a vita alta, pantaloncini come miei oppure gonna midi.

Recentemente ho ricevuto questa borsa da WARLOOM. Amo questo design di borsa a spalla artigianale molto accurata come fabbricazione in nappa francese e pitone indonesiano. La parte della tracolla e in ottone dorato di alta qualità come anche il interno della borsata metà foderata in pelle e con la chiusura a calamita e non ultimamente la stemma del marchio in fronte sulla parte del pitone dorato nascosta. La qualità si vede anche nei piccoli dettagli come i bordi delle tasche interne in cuoio, la qualità della cerniera etc.


Warloom è un marchio italiano ispirato all idea del circo degli anni 50. Un ambiente magico pieno di sogni, illusione, fantastico di colori.

Questa collezione è stata realizzata per una donna indipendente, dinamica e chic. La ricerca dei materiali è mescolata con il design e la passione che rende la collezione senza tempo.

warloomwarloomwarloomwarloommockbergwarloomwarloomwarloomwarloomceline eyewearwarloom

**Thank you to WARLOOM and MOCKBERG for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.







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  • Kendra
    18 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I’m also into off-the-shoulder tops this season. Love the accessories you’ve shown here.


  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci
    18 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    This half shoulder floral look is completely stunning on you ! Your hair and jewelry are also equally amazing! I am absolutely always so inspired by your style!

  • Samjah
    19 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I am really for that purse!! I really love it! Those shoes are really nice as well. This outfit screams summer!

  • Jenelle
    19 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Your bag looks very at home among the flowers there in the garden! This whole look feels very summery and appropriate for long sunny days by the lake too. Pinterest for ideas is addictive, isn’t it? I don’t tend to buy many magazines anymore, though. xx Jenelle

  • Gabriela Vera
    19 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    You look so pretty in this floral top. Those bracelets are the perfect accessory for your outfit. I really love the pink heels.

    Gabriela Vera

  • Sheree Ho
    20 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I’m loving this beautiful one shoulder floral top, it is so flowy and the print is gorgeous. I’m loving the pretty blush pink mules you wore with this as well, the color is perfect with this look.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • Thomas Falkenstedt
    20 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    The assymetric OTS floral shirt is absolutely stunning on you and add a gorgeous metallic bag to that and you’ve got a perfect look dear! That’s what good about saving things as fashion always comes back and I still mourn some pieces I’ve tossed in the bin which would be REALLY trendy now, oh well.

  • Samantha Mariko
    21 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I wouldn’t have thought to pair a bright metallic bag with a floral half-shoulder top but you pull it off so beautifully! I might try this myself 🙂 It’s perfect for summer!

  • Candace
    21 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Half shoulder tops are great to wear when you don’t want a lot of skin showing, or even when the temperature is cooler out, but you want a bit of skin still showing. I love those ruffles and sleeve on the one you’re wearing babe!


  • Lady Goldapple
    21 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Half shoulder floral look is great on you. And I adore that bag and the watch is stunning.
    X Charissa. http://www.ladygoldapple.com

  • Jo
    22 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    That is such a pretty asymmetrical top! It’s flirty and feminine which is the vibe I love for this time of year. I too check out Pinterest for style inspiration!

    xo, Jo

  • Open Kloset
    22 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Hey Darling:)
    Hows you?
    The Floral Stradivarius Top is sooo Gorgeous Darling:) Need one, and the Metalic Bag and that Watch matches Perfectly:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Tuesday

  • Lana
    23 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love that outfit and I love all the details. I think that floral top fits you perfect

  • Ankita Bardhan
    24 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I am loving the metal details you have incorporated in this outfit. Needless to say, the outfit looks stunning on you 🙂


  • Camille
    24 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    This look is so stylish, great inspiration for summer. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Camille xo


  • Adela
    25 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I love this style! You look fabulous darling!


  • samira
    25 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I am so in love with this top and your bag! such a cute combo!!


  • Jen
    26 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I’m loving that one shoulder floral top. It really would go with any sort of bottom for summer! And that bag is so fun! I Love the metallic detail on it. So unique!

  • Christine Kong
    27 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I can’t believe you found asymmetrical tops in your closet from 10 years ago! That just proves how stylish you always were. This floral top is beautiful and perfect for spring. I love that you wore them with white shorts. The bag is amazing too and I love the metallic parts. xoxo, Christine

  • marcy
    28 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Theres nothing I love the most than vintage pieces!! So cool to know you have pieces like that in your closet babe!! I’m loving the asimetric trends too. The off shoulder trend is perfect for the summer and also the florals print. LOVE how you style it with the metallic accessories!


  • Natalia k
    28 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Love the Warloom bag so luxe and on trend with metallics.You did a great job styling the entire outfit.I love Asymmetrical tops as well they are both sexy and classy

  • Michelle
    29 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I’m not so big on Pinterest but I often pour over my fashion mags for inspo. And loving your Warloom bag! So chic! Love this look from head to toe 🙂

  • Manda
    29 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I wish I could rock a one shoulder top like you! Off the shoulder and cold shoulder I love but haven’t been feeling that absolute cutest in one shoulder lately! I love that this top is floral! It’s so in season and perfect for summer! Isn’t it great how trends come back around?!

  • Manda
    29 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I wish I could rock a one shoulder top like you! Off the shoulder and cold shoulder I love but haven’t been feeling that absolute cutest in one shoulder lately! I love that this top is floral! It’s so in season and perfect for summer! Isn’t it great how trends come back around?! Manda

  • Helen Chik
    30 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    You make this bag look so incredibly luxe and the vibes of this entire look screams Italian summers in the Amalfi! The colour palette is just perfection and giving me inspiration for when I head to Europe next week!

    Helen xx

  • Wanderlustts
    30 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    From more than 10 years ago?! That’s truly an incredible find babe. That off shoulder top suits you so well. I’d have to say my favourite piece would have to be that bag, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Love all the details and texture. Looking great as always!

  • Aurela lacaj
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I used to read more magazines but now I am Pinterest addict. I love this colourful outfit and all accessories you paired with outfit with. I love that bag, it looks amazing with this look and I am sure would look equally beautiful if you wear it with jeans. And those mules are TDF!
    Aurela xoxo

    • Aurela lacaj
      31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

      I used to read more magazines but now I am Pinterest addict. I love this colourful outfit and all accessories you paired the outfit with. I love that bag, it looks amazing with this look and I am sure would look equally beautiful if you wear it with jeans. And those mules are TDF!
      Aurela xoxo

  • Jessie
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I am a sucker for floral prints. I love everything with floral prints and this half shoulder top is absolutely gorgeous! Such an essential piece to have for this summer! Would be great for city life and beach hangouts!! Adding this for my shopping list for sure. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  • Eliza
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Asymmetric pieces are the key to making every outfit look stylish. I have some statement asymmetrical pieces on my closet to play with. This handcrafted bag looks so stunning and classy, I love the way you wear it. That mix of gold and metallic grey is just perfect!

  • Diana
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Looks like you redesigned your website again. I love how it looks so fresh. This should-off top is just perfect on you and floral prints are so trendy right now, actually like any other season. I love how you combined everything together.


  • Aimara
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    This metallic bag is perfect and love that you can still use tops from 10 years ago!
    It’s crazy how trends always find a way back!
    You look so pretty! Def checking out this brand girl, so thanks for sharing!

  • Vanessa
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    You look amazing, love this look head to toe! That floral top is so pretty and on point for the season! Love that you added that bag, it’s so chic! Metallics have become a major trend during the season, and they’re always great to add visual interest to any look. http://thefashionstatement.net

  • Andreea Birsan
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    This one shoulder floral top is the definition of chic! Adore how summerish and feminine it is and you paired it fantastic with the white shorts the and the blush pink mules! Adore every detail of this outfit :). Always inspiring us with your creative outfits.


  • Maryam
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    This top is so stunning on you and I absolutely love the print. It’s so fun! I like how you’ve styled the whole look. The metallic details on your bag is the perfect addition to this look. So trendy and chic.

    xx, Maryam

  • Ana Vukosavljevic
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    I loove how you style this whole look! And how you connected that blouse with bag! Bag looks very well manufactured, I loove the colors if it!

  • Sheree
    31 Maggio 2017 / Rispondi

    Love this pretty floral one shoulder top, it is so classic and won’t go out of style. Did you say it is 10 years old already and you can still wear it? Well bravo girl for keeping yourself in such great shape! Love the accents and also that blush mule, makes your legs look mile long!
    ~ xo Sheree

  • Jacqueline
    1 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    One shoulder tops are my favorite trend this season. Love how you styled and accessorized this. So perfect for summer

  • Warren Pasi
    1 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    So into that off the shoulder top, perfect for spring especially the print, and those metallic accessories are a perfect touch of well needed glam.

  • Lily Rose
    5 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Your half shoulder asymmetric top is so cute. You are right, they are so in right now! I love how you paired it with the shorts and your accessories are on point. The Warloom bag is beautiful, I love every single detail. Also your earrings are fab.

    -Lily | http://www.withlovelilyrose.com