Sophisticated jewelry & Unexpected elegance

22 Giugno 2017 by themerma

Sophisticated jewelry & Unexpected elegance

Sophisticated jewelry what I wearing today, gives a simple and unexpected elegance to any outfit.

They permit you to play with, lights, colors and shadows.

Here is the reason why we photograph (with my daughter) in this beautiful pine forrest woods of Toscana.

Love how the shadows reflect on the shimmering and smooth chains.

Let introduce you to talk about a brand.

Judith &Jules jewelry based in the South of France was created by the German architect Linda Müller.

The J &J philosophy is the idea with playing structure and contrast. Any piece is meticulously handcrafted.

So held to highest quality materials like 925 sterling silver. Mine necklace is plated with 20K gold and both lengths of necklace and bracelet are adjustable. This items are also available in sterling silver, too.

How stunning is it ?

Bold and simply…




Gioielli Sofisticati & Eleganza inaspettata

I gioielli sofisticati che indosso oggi, danno un eleganza semplice ed inaspettata a qualsiasi abito.

Ti permettono di giocare con i luci, colori e ombre. Ecco perché abbiamo scattato le fotografie ( fatte da mia figlia) in questa bellissima pineta di Toscana.

Adoro come le ombre riflettono sulle catene e monete scintillanti.

Lasciatemi fare una introduzione a parlare di questo marchio.

I gioielli Judith & Jules, fondati nel sud della Francia, sono stati creati dal architetto tedesco Linda Müller. La filosofia di J & J è l’idea di struttura e contrasto. Ogni pezzo è artigianalmente lavorato a mano. Quindi realizzato coi materiali di altissima qualità come il argento 925. La catena e il braccialetto  sono placcati con oro 20K ed entrambe  lunghezze sono regolabili. Questi articoli sono disponibili anche in argento.

Quanto è incredibile?

Grinta e semplicità!

judith & julesruffled shirtjudith & julestoscanajudith & julesjudith & jules judith & julesjudith & julesjudith & jules

Outfit details :









  • Sheree
    24 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I’m loving this outfit, totally my style. The off the shoulder button up really showcased the necklace well. The matching necklace is also very darling, what a great set. I am loving your yellow tinted sunnies as well, great for summer time.

    xo Sheree

  • Jennifer Lee Quattrucci
    24 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    This is a completely gorgeous look! Really love the stripes on you and absolutely obsessed with this sophisticated jewelry! Really love the necklace, bracelet and watch together!

  • Christine Kong
    24 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Love this amazing top and the necklace and bracelet with the gold discs are beautiful. Love that it is dainty and perfect for everyday wear. The brand sounds amazing and so interesting that it was started by an architect. Incredible pieces! xoxo, Christine

  • Aldora
    25 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I’m loving your casual look here! Those gold accessories and your gucci belt makes this entire outfit pop! Nice sunnies btw 😉

    xx Aldora

  • Aimara
    25 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Wow babe these photos are gorgeous!!!
    This necklace is so beautiful and elegant! Love the outfit you created around it!
    Loving everything about this look!

  • Aurela lacaj
    25 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I love your outfit, so chic and effortless. Love the necklace so elegant and it matches your outfit perfectly. I will check them out now. Thanks for sharing ! Aurela x

  • Charissa
    26 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    That blouse is so unique!! Love how you’ve combined it with the Gucci belt and sophisticated jewelry. XO Charissa || ||

  • samira
    26 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I am loving this entire look! such a cute top, I need it!!

    xo, Samira

  • Open Kloset
    26 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    So Pretty Jewelleries Darling:)
    Just for my Style:)
    And that Shirt Looks sooo Pretty and Unique:) Just Love it:)
    Perfect Look:)
    Happy Monday

  • Lana
    26 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Great necklace, so simple and elegant. The whole outfit is amazing, I also love the shirt so much! The off shoulder makes the difference and necklace looks even better!

  • Samjah
    26 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I want that watch and shirt!! Like right now! I’ve been looking for a shirt like this for the longest. Thanks for this post!

  • Jacqueline
    26 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I am loving how dainty those pieces are. They look so amazing and love how you put it together with that striped top. It’s the perfect summer outfit. And you seriously can never go wrong with sophisticated jewelry. The watch really brings together the entire look

  • Candace
    27 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Dainty and sophisticated jewelry pieces are the best and you are perfect to model them! Another thing I can’t get over is that blouse. I’ve never seen one like it and it’s the perfect trendy blouse for summer!

  • Gina Diaz
    27 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I adore this outfit on you totally dear! you look so chic and stunning!! the top is absolutely gorgeous and flirty and it suits you so well. Loving the sunnies, too!! you are rocking this look!!!

    xx. Gina

  • Ravayna
    27 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    These images are so gorgeous!! I love the airy feel of your necklace, and I adore
    anything ruffled. And I swear I want to wear blue and white stripes everyday in the summertime, it just feels so crisp! Love this look on you!

  • Eliza
    27 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    First of all, how gorgeous this blouse is! Loving this assymetric design and the cuts, very bold! The necklace and the bracelet both look adorable.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Vanessa
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I adore your look head to toe! So casual and chic at the same time! The delicate jewelry that you’re wearing is precious, perfect to complement this feminine and elegant look, and great to take the entire outfit to the next level . Loved it!


  • Maryam
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Your bracelet and necklace are so chic. I love pieces like this, they are so chic and can be added to a lot of different looks. I love your shirt here, it’s so trendy and perfect for Summer days. Great style!

    xx, Maryam

  • Tandya
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    You chose a great location to shoot the jewelry. I love the way, the shadows highlight your necklace and bracelet! I am also obsessed with your blouse!
    Thank you for sharing!


  • Samantha Mariko
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I love these beautiful gold jewelry pieces! They are highly sophisticated and compliment the rest of the summer-inspired outfit! The off-shoulder blouse balances perfectly with the shorts 🙂

  • Jessie
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I love that top! It’s so stunning!!!! What’s even more amazing is your accessory game! I love the matching bracelet and the necklace. They are so stylish and gorgeous! It’s like matching softness with the boldness! Love your style girl!

    xx, Jessie

  • Lily Rose
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Judith & Jules jewelry is stunning! I love the sophistication and the philosophy of playing with structure and contrast. You paired this outfit so well and having a shoot in the forest is genius for this. So chic!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Thomas Falkenstedt
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    The beautiful settings in the pine forest in Tuscany truly bring out the best of this beautiful jewelry and you look amazing in the pictures! It’s truly a wonderful collection and you wear them with such grace!

  • Jen
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I love dainty sophisticated jewelry! It’s the best addition to a minimal outfit and it pairs well with almost anything you wear. I really need to get more sophisticated jewelry like yours.

  • Jessica
    28 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I love the way you styled this look! The simplicity of the necklace and the bracelet really adds a delicate touch to the look. Not to mention the top which is very unique. Xo, Jessica

  • Michelle
    29 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Loving the pretty details and how cute is that striped top!! The Judith and Jules jewelry is so beautiful! Loving this look on you 🙂

  • Diana
    29 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Striped shirts looks amazing on you and necklace that you picked looks amazing. I adore this sunglasses that you wear also.

  • Jo
    29 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    Your jewelry is so beautiful! I will definitely check out Judith & Jules’ collection because I love dainty and chic jewelry such as yours. This whole outfit is so fab too.

    xo, Jo

  • Ana Vukosavljevic
    29 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I have the same blouse! 😀

    You styled it amazing. I’m crazy about that kind of jewelry with these little things. I think it’s very classic, stylish and chic!

  • Irina
    30 Giugno 2017 / Rispondi

    I love the top! You look stunning:)

  • Everest
    3 Luglio 2017 / Rispondi

    The Jewellery is so dainty and classy and it is so good for Everyday wear too. Really loving the off shoulder shirt style and those tinted sunnies are really big for summer. I really wana add one to my collection soon. Thanks for sharing the link to it!