Hello World!!!!

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Hello World!

Here I am ,HELLO WORLD, with my first independent BLOG, the need of communication and customization of my looks, my passion for the fashion! After many years spent on Facebook, Instagram and other socials , I needed to create me something of mine !!!!

The name of @themermaidfashion  on the Instagram, because I was inspired from my two passions swim and fashion. ..Eva was also imposed on the player as a model of style, particularly it’s independence and over the years has appeared as a lifelover and passion for closets  in advertising and in women in fashion, but especially as a modern model of femininity.

HELLO WORLD,happy to meet YOU!!!!

The categories of the blog are: fashion, photography, sports, lifestyle, travel and more!



Eccomi con il mio primo blog independente dovuto alla necessità di comunicazione e personalizzazione dei miei look, per la mia passione dedicata alla moda! Dopo tanti anni passati su Facebook, Instagram e altri social, avevo bisogno di crearmi qualcosa di mio !!!!
Il nome @themermaidfashion su Instagram – mi sono ispirata alla mia passione perche ho unito e miei due passioni nuoto e moda… Eva è inoltre imposta come modello di stile, in particolare per la mia indipendenza e negli anni sono apparsa come una persona che ama la vita e sopratutto i vestiti, nella pubblicità e nella moda femminile, ma soprattutto come moderno modello di femminilità…
Le categorie del blog saranno: moda, fotografia, sport, lifestyle, viaggi e altro!



Itt vagyok én első független blogomon,mivel szükségem van kommunikáció és a külsőm testre szabott öltözetem ,a szenvedélyem a divat! Sok eltöltött év után a Facebook-on, Instagram-on stb,kellett nekem is valami sajátosat létrehozni !!!! 😀A nevem @themermaidfashion,az Instagramon ,egy ihlet a sello (uszas) es a divat kozott….Evát játékossá szabták,mint egy független stílusu modell,különösen éveken át,ugy ismert,  mint egy vizuális szemely a női divat, de különösen a modern nőiesség között ….

A blogban szó lesz a
  divat, fotó, sport életmód, utazás és így tovább! 😀



  1. Kris

    I think the point is that, if timmy was doing his job with integrity, the calls should not be to the same 3 or 4 people. Best case it looks like a conflict of inet.estrPardon my bias, but I’ve had the gut feeling that the guy was the equivalent of Wormtongue from LOTR, since Feb or Mar.

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