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Selfomninutrition help you keep yourself in good endurance and recovery.

Selfomninutrition company for over 12 years, always at the forefront in offering innovative products, help KEEP yourself archieve any goal.

For many years I do sports and help myself with supplements, then a bit of experience I have in choosing both the administration of the supplements!

 I chose 5 products come directly from SELFOMNINUTRITION  Sweden these supplements can help you achieve your goals and RECOVERY, do you can  feel less tired there are also others who can help you and are very useful.


 REAL 100 % CREATINE,contains 100% micronized creatine that will help you push your workout to a new level, with less effort;) 🏊🏼🏊🏼🏊🏼 Creatine is a substance that is found in the muscles and helps increasing the energy .💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Increased strength, endurance, tolerance to lactic acid and speed of recovery thanks to the creatine. This solution is a powder. I take it 45 minutes before the workout. I would say that the difference on strokes get better.🏊🏼



 • Reduces fatigue and tiredness

• Water Maintaining Balance

• Prevents muscle cramps

Hydro Salt is a supplement of mineral salts similar to the sweat composition.

A reinstatement of these ingredients is very important as a deficiency of the same may cause blood pressure to drop, weakness, fatigue and muscle cramps.


These amino acids are essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

The BCAA caps are also useful before or during training, as muscles use BCAAs to produce energy. They are also anti-catabolic because they prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss in the event of reinstatement little protein in the diet.


Promotes muscle growth

• Speed up muscle recovery

 • Increase muscle energy

• It improves the absorption of proteins • Reduces muscle fatigue


While training your body runs out of glycogen (the primary source of energy for the muscle ), the amino acids that are components of the muscle, vitamins and minerals. This product based on carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals amino acids will provide your body the necessary elements to restore.

 • Stimulates protein synthesis

 • Improves recovery time

• It builds and repairs muscle

• Reduces muscle pain and inflammation


Micro Whey is a premium isolated whey protein of the highest quality, obtained with special treatment through an innovative production process, which allows to obtain a very pure product devoid of fats and carbohydrates, without doubt the best protein present on the market.


• 96% protein

• Zero fat and carbohydrates

 • Increased muscle mass and physical strength

• Promotes recovery

• They reduce the appetite if taken before meals

• Very high digestibility

 • Lactose-free and gluten

This product I really like, usually I took this also to reduce appetite and integrate the proteins lost during my workout.

It’s best if it is taken immediately after training.

Of valuable help for all those people who want to achieve a healthy weight as if taken before meals can reduce appetite by up to 50%

You can use it as a snack with a fruit better banana because it contains K.







Sono dei prodotti innovativi, aiuta a mantenere se stessi e  raggiungere  qualsiasi obiettivo.

Sono tanti anni che faccio sport e mi aiuto con integratori quindi un po’ di esperienza ce l’ho nella scelta, sia che nell’amministrazione dei integratori.

Avevo scelto 5 prodotti arrivati direttamente SELFOMNINUTRITION Svezia. Questi integratori ti possono aiutare i raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi e recuperare prima, inoltre sentirti meno stanca. Ci sono anche gli altri che ti possono aiutare e sono molto utili, li avevo già in casa, quindi ho scelto questi.

Real 100% Creatine

Contiene 100% creatina micronizzata che ti aiuterà a spingere il tuo allenamento ad un nuovo livello, con meno fatica ;)🏊🏼🏊🏼🏊🏼

La creatina è una sostanza che si trova nei muscoli ed aiuta ad aumentare l’energia.💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

 Aumentati la forza, resistenza, tolleranza all’acido lattico e velocità di recupero grazie alla creatina.

Questa e una soluzione in polvere.

Lo assumo 45 minuti prima del allenamento.

Direi che la differenza sulle bracciate lo sentì ! 🏊🏼💪🏼



Riduce la fatica e la stanchezza

Mantenimento dell’equilibrio idrico

 Previene i crampi muscolari

Hydro Salt :è un integratore di sali minerali con composizione simile al sudore.

 Un reintegro di questi ingredienti è molto importante in quanto una carenza degli stessi puó causare cali di pressione, debolezza, stanchezza e crampi muscolari.


 Questi aminoacidi sono fondamentali per la costruzione ed il mantenimento della massa muscolare magra.

I BCAA Sono utili anche prima o durante l’allenamento, in quanto i muscoli usano BCAA per produrre l’energia.

Sono anche anti- catabolici perché prevengono il catabolismo proteico e la perdita muscolare in caso del poco reintegro proteico con la dieta.


* Promuove la crescita muscolare

•  Velocizza il recupero muscolare

•  Aumenta l’energia muscolare

•  Migliora l’assorbimento delle proteine

•  Riduce l’affaticamento muscolare


Durante l’allenamento il tuo corpo esaurisce il glicogeno (fonte di energia primaria per il muscolo), gli aminoacidi che sono componenti del muscolo, vitamine e minerali.

Questo prodotto a base di carboidrati, aminoacidi vitamine e minerali fornirà al tuo corpo gli elementi necessari per ripristinare.


•  Stimola la sintesi proteica

•  Migliora i tempi di recupero

•  Costruisce e ripara il muscolo

•  Riduce il dolore muscolare e le infiammazioni


Micro Whey Premium è una proteina del siero isolata di altissima qualità, ottenuta con un trattamento speciale attraverso un innovativo processo di produzione, che permette di ottenere un prodotto purissimo privo di grassi e carboidrati, senza dubbio la miglior proteina presente sul mercato.


•  96% di proteina

•  Zero grassi e carboidrati

•  Aumento di massa muscolare e forza fisica

•  Favorisce il recupero

•  Riducono l’appetito se prese prima dei pasti

•  Altissima digeribilitá

•  Senza lattosio e glutine

Questo prodotto mi piace tantissimo, l’ho preso per ridurre anche l’appetito e integrare e proteine perse durante l’allenamento.Sempre meglio se viene assunta subito dopo l’allenamento.

Di validissimo aiuto per tutte quelle persone che desiderano raggiungere il peso forma in quanto se assunte prima dei pasti possono ridurre l’appetito fino al 50%
Puoi usarlo come merenda insieme a un frutto meglio banana perché contiene K.


SPERO CHE QUESTO ARTICOLO TI E PIACIUTO!! se VUOI CONDIVIDILA!!! Invece se hai qualche domanda da fare, fammelo nei commenti di sotto,ti aspetto 🙂

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All products are from:SELFOMNINUTRITION

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  1. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    This is so amazing that they have so many beneficial ingredients and it’s such an easy way to be sure you are getting the proper fuel for your body. I really love the quote about not telling your dreams but showing them!

  2. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    They are such amazing supplements! I can’t believe the amount of great essentials that are included and it’s awesome that they are lactose free. I really love the quote about not telling your dreams but showing them! Perfect for these products!

  3. Candace

    I could always use something extra to power me through my workouts. I have heard from a couple of trainers how good creatine is. I need to look up Selfomninutrition and see what it’s all about!

  4. Samjah

    Not telling your dreams but showing them is the motto I love by. These seem like some great products that give your body the proper nutrients.

  5. Charissa

    Ahh great! I have some creatine but keep forgetting to use it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  6. Sheree Ho

    I have never taken nutritional supplements before, thank you for the introduction, I will def research more and look into these products.

  7. Lana

    Very nice company and products. It is so important to buy supplements with healthy ingredients.
    Lactose-free protein sound like something I have to buy! Thank you for the review.

  8. Gina Diaz

    These products look so amazing, and I would love to try them. I drink a lot of smoothies and I like to add supplements. These could be so perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    xx. Gina

  9. Jo

    Thanks for this list of supplements and why they are beneficial. I never know what to get when it comes to taking supplements. This has been very helpful in making that decision!

    xo, Jo

  10. Hadasah Love

    I truly can benefit from this as it seems to reduce fatigue and tiredness. I’ll be checking this out. Thank you so much for sharing…
    Love, Hadasah

  11. Samantha Mariko

    I’ve started taking proteins after working out, and I’m always down to try different brands to see which one I like best. These look great for an athlete like yourself!

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