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TRENDY KISS are watches made it with care.

 Quality time is the most essential what you need right now.

Take time to find the quality watches.

When I wear a nice watch, I’m creating imagine of myself. And they come like a business card.

Indeed, anyone see your watch, will tell, who you are.

No matter if those are with rhinestones or acetate strap or menswear inspired.

Style are fundamental.

So, I love watches so much.

I like to have them in all colors with different straps.

I wanted one like this TRENDY KISS. Is the watch that I chose model EVELINA on rose gold.

It’s ideal combined with all metals, it makes multicolored effect.

It’s came like a rosé wine.

You can match with fish or meat;)

In a world where our cell phones are out primary means of telling time. WATCHES have gone from being a necessity to becoming a decorative style.

And I totally love this .

 YOU CAN SEE other  TRENDY KISS models, that I think you will love .




TRENDY KISS sono gli orologi fatti con molta cura.

Tempo qualità e il essenziale di ciò che hai bisogno adesso.

Oppure prenditi tempo per trovare dei orologi di qualità.

Penso che indossare un bel orologio, ti crei una certa imagine.

E come in biglietto da visita.

Anzi, fai vedere il tuo orologio ti dirò chi sei .

Non importa se sono quelli con gli strass o con cinturino di acetato oppure quello da uomo .

Lo stile è fondamentale.

Adoro tanto gli orologi.

Mi piace averli di tutti colori con diversi cinturini.

Desideravo tanto uno simile a questo.

TRENDY KISS e il orologio che ho scelto modello EVELINA color oro rosa.

Ideale abbinato con tutti metalli, fa effetto multicolor.

E come il vino rosè, lo puoi abbinare sia con il pesce o con la carne 😉

Prima di era dei telefonini c’era l’orologio la cosa più importante che segnava il tempo .

Oggi c’è il cellulare.

L’aspetto decorativo del utlimo e rimasto ed e per sempre !

Vuoi vedere altri modelli di TRENDY KISS. ? Credo che ti piaceranno molto.

I wearing :





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  1. Aldora Muses from

    That’s an absolute stunning timepiece on you hun! I love the shiny metallic face and it looks so simple yet classy for everyday wear! And I’m obsessed with the mesh straps too 🙂

  2. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Your blog is extremely beautiful! I love your watch and the way you styled it !! It is such a gorgeous color and I also love that fabulous coat ! Thank you so much for sharing !

  3. Warren

    Really fabulous post babe i couldn’t agree more with you how watches are now no longer seen as a necessity more as an accessory to match your outfit. Which is why it is important if your going to buy a watch to buy one that is stylish but also well made like TrendyKiss looks like. XOWP

  4. Caprice Bianca

    I love this watch! The color is so beautiful and feminine. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Christine Kong

    What a gorgeous watch! I love gold watches because they are such statement pieces. The mesh strap is also so pretty. Definitely need to look into this classy watch for everyday. xoxo, Christine

  6. Maggie

    Such a beautiful watch! I love the rose gold color and the watch itself is so timeless! I don’t like clunky watches as I feel they go out of style easily, but this one is so classic!

    Maggie S.

  7. Thomas Falkenstedt

    It’s actually funny you made the reference to cell phones. I noticed how helpless I felt the other week when I left my iPhone for reparation (which happens way too often for me) and that particular day had forgot to wear a timepiece and had NO idea what time it was, haha.


  8. ellen kim

    Such a beautiful watch! Definitely going to check out those and maybe gift a few for the holidays!

  9. Rachel Holliday

    This watch is so gorgeous! I have such a soft spot for rose gold pieces and this one is so versatile- I could imagine it looking great with everything. Fantastic outfit too!

    Rachel xx

  10. Sarah Atiq

    Your watch is so stunning. I have a thing for rose gold pieces, so I couldn’t stop admiring your watch. It truly is a versatile piece. I love how you styled your outfit, very classy and chic.



  11. Lacey

    You picked an absolute perfect color combo! Rose gold is both feminine and striking. Watches definitely have a way of representing who you are or how you’re feeling that day. I love this Trendy Kiss collection! Thank you for sharing xoxo


    • themerma

      yes, i really like too, the pink silk inside is so cool of tidi awesome caban coat.

  12. Tandya

    I love your watch and the mesh details. I am currently only rotating between three watches and they all have the mesh strap. I think it’s such a classic accent.

  13. Josie

    That is such a pretty watch! It’s classic and can litterally match any outfit!
    I can hardly leave my house without a watch! Thanks for sharing these photos of this brand with us!

    Much love, Josie

  14. Kayla

    It’s definitely a beautiful and elegant watch! I love the band on it, it’s very unique and gives it an extra chic factor!

  15. Katya Bychkova

    What a great poem! You are not only a talented stylist, model, and writer but also an amazing creative writer!

  16. Tshepiso

    Where can i kind trendykiss watches in south africa? Thank you.

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