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Boneswimmer costumi e un marchio registrato, italiano che trasmettono tanta allergia.

Coloratissimo e divertente Boneswimmer costumi nuoto sono stati creati principalmente per essere indossati e utilizzati in acqua per nuotatori.

Quando avevo visto anni fa la prima volta i costumi Boneswimmer, mi sono subito innamorata.

Li ho sempre indossati in diverse sessioni acquatiche 🙂

– allenamento o semplice nuotata

-al mare e al lago nelle acque libere.

-per prendere il sole con il costume a 2 pezzi sportivo e comodo.

Sempre pronta di poter tuffarmi in acqua senza che il costume si muova via al tuffo 😉

Questo costume da nuoto Boneswimmer è una scelta sportiva, universalmente appagante .

Il design flessibile ha un taglio sul retro con le spalline larghe per garantire la gamma completa di movimento e resistenza.
È completamente foderato per una vestibilità e sostegno regolare.

Perfetto per le giornate attive in piscina e spiaggia.

Il costume da nuoto risplende piacevolmente con la sua stampa fantasiosa sulla pelle abbronzata.

Lo sto usando col suo telo in microfibra coordinato.
Sul sito Boneswimmer, puoi trovare una vasta gamma di diversi diversi accessori.

Tutti identificati dal logo o stemma a forma teschietto con occhialini da nuotatore.

Ricordati che ci sono le imitazoni, che non hanno niente a fare con gli originali Boneswimmer.

Perché Boneswimmer e simpatico, giovane e allegro conosciuto e indossato anche dai migliori campioni nuotatori in tutto il mondo.

Con le mie 2 figlie lo adoriamo.

Piace a tutti bambini.

Indossarlo e contagioso, anche tra gli adulti, fatte attenzione 🙂

Non passerai inosservata/o.

Se sei una persona allegra e positiva, se ti piacciono i colori per rendere la tua sessione della nuotata più divertente, ti consiglio di visitare il shop-online Boneswimmer dove puoi fare i tuoi acquisti.

un abbraccio, Eva





Boneswimmer as an top Italian registered trademark.

This brand transmitting a lot of happiness.

Colorful and funny, created primarily to be worn and used in water for swimmers.

When I had seen years ago the first time Boneswimmer swimsuits , I immediately fell in love, and after I have always worn in different aquatic sessions.

– training or simple swim sessions

-swim in the sea or the lake- open water

-to sunbathing with the 2 pieces bikini sporty and comfortable.

So I’m always ready to be able to dive into the water,  my swimsuit will doesn’t moves away to dip;)
This  Boneswimmer swimming suits are a sporting choice, universally satisfying.

This flexible design has a cut on the back with wide straps to ensure the full range of motion and strength.

It is fully lined for a fit and regular support.

Perfect for active days on the pool and beach.

The swimming costumes flattering nicely with their colorful printing on the tanned skin.

I’m using it with this coordinated towel in microfiber.
On the Boneswimmer site, you can find a wide range of different accessories.

All identified by a small skull-shaped logo or emblem with a swimmer goggles.

 Remember that there are many imitations which have nothing to do with the original Boneswimmer.

Boneswimmer is a  happiness choice, young and cheerful known, wored by the best champion swimmers worldwide.

With my daughters we just love it.

All children’s love this brand, too.

Wearing is contagious, you should be careful, because you doesn’t will be unnoticed lol. 😉

If you are a happy and positive person, if you like the colors to make your swim session more fun, you should visit the online Boneswimmer shop, where you can find what kind of print or item suit better for you!

xx Eva

“Happinessis a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be archieved, it is something to be experienced.”



**This post is sponsored by Boneswimmer, but the content and opinions epresses here are my own.


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  1. Christine Kong

    I love the fun, colorful prints on these suits! I haven’t heard of this brand before but they’re suits are darling! I love that they are sporty cut but have cute prints and colors. What a great brand. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo, Christine

    • Jenny

      An ineelligtnt answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

  2. Elizabeth Lee

    This swimsuit is so cute and you look incredible in it! I love the fun prints and the swimming cap is darling too. Oh and the matching towel! I’m definitely checking out this brand.

    Love, Liz

  3. Lisa mao

    Loving how fun the swimsuits are! I never learned how to swim and Im always envious because
    It doesn’t give me many opportunity to wear cute swim suits. Also because it’s snowing here all the time !

  4. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Wow ! I am truly impressed by the colorful, delightful and also so practical swimwear you are presenting here ! It’s all so cheerful and inspiring ! I also really love your quote about happiness.

  5. Shalini

    Love these fun, colorful prints. I love one piece and this one is so fun! Great brand! Thavks for sharing! Shalini

  6. Everest

    The swim wear design is so practical yet so funky!! I have never seen a swimwear as cool as these!
    Definitely turning heads at the pool when you wear them and strut in those matching towels!
    Much love from Singapore,

  7. ellen kim

    What a cute swimsuit! Such a great print and the colors are so bold! Must try out one during the summer time!

  8. Ana Vukosavljevic

    Love the swimsuit you picked, its really beautiful! And fits you perfectly <3

    • Eve

      I read you review about Yes to Cucumber shampoo & coodtiinner a few days ago; and the next day I found it in Walgreens. I used it yesterday; it was great. My hair felt clean & moisturized way after the washing process w/ do product added; before I would have to drown it w/ products immediately after washing, & it will still feel dry. YTC is a keeper; thanks for the review God bless

  9. Ravayna

    Loving then right colors and sassy cartoons on that suit! Hope you had a great swim!

  10. Alexandra

    Dang girl! Look at that amazing body! I can see why you love the bathing suit so much- it is such a fun print!

    These are all such great suggestions! All the cards look beautiful including yours!

  11. Sarah

    Your swimsuit is so colourful and gorgeous. It looks amazing on you and I love the matching towel. I have never heard of this brand before, so thank you for sharing the details.



  12. Tandya

    Obsessed with these swimsuits! The print and color is so vibrant! I would love to rock one of these!

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