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2 different dresses that I worn in different occasions by the designer SANDRO FERRONE.
Here I show you 2 different dresses, they may seem the same,.

At last weekend I took a trip to Bellagio, as all you know is situated on Lake Como and is a must visited tourist spot.

Now the Easter is right around the corner, begins open all the hotels and restaurants. Some are still closed, and will work from April to October. As visitors and the atmosphere reminds me of Liguria.

Easter is here, orange color brings freshness and is a color between red and yellow, the ancient Romans used this to the fabric of wedding dresses for women, since it is a warm color, therefore suitable to symbolize the union of feelings in marriage is also a symbol of fantasy , inner harmony, warmth, excitement, fun, summer and encouragement.

The first dress I wore it around Bellagio, find out the steps of the small alleys, where they sell good ice cream, craft shops and taverns with excellent wines.

The second dress was photographed in the hall of the Hotel Excelsior Splendide in the center of Bellagio. Located very well, at front of the hotel across the road there is the terrace where you can eat and take a ferry to get around Lake Como and to discover it .

Which one of the 2 different dresses you liked most?

Let me know please in the comments!

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”

— Alexander McQueen





2 abiti simili indossati nei occasioni diversi dallo stesso stilista SANDRO FERRONE.

Vi dimostro in quanto 2 abiti possano sembrare uguali ma sono diversi.

Il mio viaggio di settimana scorsa nel weekend a Bellagio, come tutti lo sapete, si trova sul Lago di Como ed è un posto molto visitato dei turisti. Adesso sotto Pasqua inizia la stagione ed aprono tutti gli alberghi e ristoranti. Alcuni sono ancora chiusi, e lavoreranno da aprile ad ottobre. Come visitatori e atmosfera mi ricorda la Liguria.

A proposito di Pasqua come colore l’arancione ci sta, porta un po’ di vivacità e freschezza.

L’arancione e un colore tra rosso e giallo, gli antichi romani utilizzavano questo colore per il tessuto degli abiti nuziali delle donne, poiché esso è un colore caldo, adatto quindi a simboleggiare l’unione dei sentimenti nel matrimonio. È anche un simbolo di fantasia, armonia interiore, accoglienza, entusiasmo, divertimento, estate e incoraggiamento.

Il primo abito l’ho indossato girare in città, scoprire delle scalinate dei piccoli vicoli, dove vendono buoni gelati, negozi artigianali e osterie con dei ottimi vini.

Il secondo abito è stato fotografato nella hall dell’Hotel Excelsior Splendide si trova in centro. Ottima posizione perché davanti al albergo traversando la strada c’è la sua terrazza dove puoi mangiare e prendere subite diversi navi per girare sul Lago di Como.

E tutto da scoprire!

Quale tra dei 2 look vi è piaciuto di più?

Fatemi sapere!

“Penso che ci sia bellezza in ogni cosa. Quali‘normali’la gente percepisce come brutto, di solito riesco a vedere qualcosa di bello in esso.”
– Alexander McQueen

1st Dress


Sandro Ferrone
2nd Dress








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  1. Candace

    The first dress is definitely my favorite! I’m partially biased because I always lean towards something cold shouldered. You look fabulous in both though babe, and I love that scarf 🙂


  2. Jenelle

    Oh my gosh these sunglasses are amazing! So retro and cool! I love Bellagio! We have visited for the day but not stayed, these hotels all look so fancy and old fashioned. I imagine you would feel very elegant in them!
    xx Jenelle

  3. Vanessa

    Love both dresses, but the first one is my favorite. It’s so pretty and feminine, cold shoulder details have become one of the biggest trends during the season. It looks totally chic and sophisticated.

    Enjoy your weekend!



  4. Jacqueline

    I love the second dress, it fits you so well! And I agree orange is the perfect color for easter! The two dresses look almost identical! I’ve never been to Bellagio but it looks like a gorgeous place.

  5. marcy

    LOVE both dresses babe the color looks great on you and looks like the perfect choices to wear now that Easters is coming up.
    I wish orange looks this great on me like it does on you. You look absolutely stunning in all the pics. Have a great weekend beautiful.


  6. Manda Lee

    What beautiful dresses! I really love them both but my absolute favorite on you is the second style! I really love the color. I always gravitate toward it. I love how you styled the dress with the scarf as well!I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  7. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Both of these dresses are completely fabulous! Such a talented designer and I love how you styled both . The first one is my favorite!

  8. Christine Kong

    I love the color of this dress and how it incorporates two trends of ruffles and off the shoulder. It is such a perfect dress for spring, Easter, wedding season, brunch, you name it! The white sunnies are a fun touch and I love the gold heels with this. xoxo, Christine

  9. AMC

    Love both these dresses. the 2nd is my faveeee. It’s gorggggg, The halter and frills are super feminine. This colour is divine on you too!

  10. Michelle

    Love that orange dress – all those ruffles are so pretty! And love how you added the white sunnies. I’ve been meaning to try an infuser for water. I’ve been trying to give up soda so I usually just drop some lemon in water but this is way prettier.

  11. Tandya

    Such beautiful dresses! SANDRO FERRONE is a great designer! I love the color on the dresses, bright, but subtle. I also love the draped ruffles. Bellagio also looks like a lovely place. Hope to go one day!

  12. Sarah

    Both of the dresses look so stunning on you. But my favourite one has to be the second dress, I really love the neckline and the way the fabric drapes on the dress. This colour looks so gorgeous on you and I love how you’ve accessorised both looks :).


  13. Eliza

    The second dress looks absolutely fantastic and very stylish. I love this warm peachy colour, it suits you perfectly. And the whole look with both of these dresses is very elegant indeed.

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  14. Wanderlustts

    Hope you had a lovely weekend babe. Love these two dresses, they’re absolutely so spring appropriate! Nothing screams spring like an coral/orange shade. My favourite would have to definitely be the one with the off shoulder detailing, but honestly they’re both so cute because i’m a sucker for ruffle

  15. Aimara

    Girl this looks like a great place to visit for sure!
    You look gorgeous in orange and these photos are so pretty!
    Love the added touch of the neck scarf. Nailed it!

  16. Samjah

    I love the orange dress! It complements your skin so well. I love how you paired that black and white purse with it. That was a great style move!

  17. Andreea Birsan

    I love both dresses, but I need to admit that the first one looks a lot better on you! Loving their vivid orange shade and the detailing. Can never go wrong with could shoulders and frills! Hope you had a great time. x


  18. Brown Eyed Toast

    Both dresses are lovely on you hun! I will admit, I do like the second one more as the side ruffle details are lovely. The first looks like a lovely casual option for a fun day out with friends 🙂 Also, how luck you are to be in Bellagio! It would be a dream to visit that area one day 🙂

  19. Rachel Holliday

    Can I just say that you look absolutely incredible in orange! I’ve not heard of this designer before, but both of these designs look wonderful on you, the ruffled details on both are beautiful too. I love those white cat eye sunnies too- they are so 60s and compliment the vibrant scarf beautifully.

  20. Lily Rose

    I love both of these dresses and the color orange on you. My favorite is the one you wore in the hotel, the neckline with the ruffles is so beautiful. Love the couches in the hotel too!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  21. Elif Kadioglu

    Beautiful dresses. Really like the color. Suits you perfect! Second one is my favorite and I’m obsessed with your sunnies!! xoxo Elif

  22. Thomas Falkenstedt

    I actually haven’t been to Lake Como although I thought I’ve been all around those regions. I would love to go though after seeing your pictures from there! The two dresses are stunning on you too sweetie! 🙂


  23. Jo

    You look so beautiful! I love this retro but still modern feel to your outfit. That dress is so gorgeous, as are your cat-eye sunnies. I wish I was by Lake Como at the moment. It looks so charming there!

    xo, Jo

  24. Ana Vukosavljevic

    That dress is sooo beautiful! Orange suits you very good, I love how you styled it with that bandana!

  25. Jen

    I love the cold shoulder dress with the neck scarf! It adds such a nice finishing touch to the beautiful dresses. I think orange is perfect for Easter as a lot of people wear white. It’s such a fresh summer color!

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