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Le WHEY PROTEIN e uno dei prodotti più venduti del FOODSPRING, contiene 79% di proteine, un valore altissimo.

Disponibile in 6 gusti diversi da quale uno neutro. Ideale l’assunzione al mattino (si usa 3 cucchiai di polvere nel shaker con latte scremato o acqua) oppure dopo il allenamento o la sera prima di dormire. Le proteine provenienti dalla caseina hanno un assorbimento più lento e aiutano a recuperare di più nella fase di riposo o sonno, la riparazione delle fibre muscolari.


  • il miglior aumento muscolare , 16 g BCAA
  • colazione
  • post allenamento
  • contiene poche calorie 🙂 SOLO 5,4 g di carboidrati
  • senza glutine

Comparazione rispetto altre proteine dei altri produttori, grazie alla sua perfetta solubilità, non forma grumi.



La barretta proteica Chookie Dough contiene più di 33% di proteine, con aromi artificiali.

Ideale per vari tipi di assunzione come:

  • nasce come aumento di massa mscolare
  • da assumere dopo il allenamento per riconstruire le fibre muscolare
  • aiuta il recupero muscolare
  • ideale per fare dieta (meno carboidrati mangi,, meglio e )
  • ti da forza
  • lo puoi usare come sostituto pasto alla mattina e sera
  • non contiene grassi e zuccheri nocivi (solo steviolo, cioe stevia)
  • aiuta a mantenere il livello glicemico costante (quindi no sensazione di fame)
  • ricco di fibbre




Il drink Cocowhey è una bevanda ideale rinfrescante e proteico. Contiene 20% di proteine, puoi assumerlo in qualsiasi momento della giornata.

  • dopo il allenamento per il sviluppo muscolare
  • al mattino o  per fare merenda
  • perfetta per la dieta, contiene tutto il necessario per avere le tue energie
  • non contiene glutine e soia

La vita è molto più di mangiare. Il cibo è un popolare tempo passato sciocamente, e uno dei antidepressivi più comuni. Non cadere in quel buco del lavandino. Vedi il cibo come un modo per alimentare il tuo corpo in modo che si può sentire bene, avere un bell’aspetto, e vivi la tua vita al massimo.

Questi sono solo alcuni prodotti di FOODSPRING, vi suggerisco di visitare il sito per trovare altri prodotti per le vostre necessità.

Potete usare il mio VOUCHER “THEMERMASTORY” 15 % di  SCONTO nel caso del acquisto sul  SITO, valido fino al 30/ 05 / 2017.








The Whey protein is one of the most sold productsof FOODSPRING, it containsa very high valiìue of 79% protein.

Available in 6 different flavours from which a neutral. ideal intake in the morning ( we use 3 tablespoons of powder into the shaker with water or light milk) after your workout or in the evening before go to bed.

The protein content casein – this have a slower abosrtion and help recover more during rest or sleep, beacause them repairing the muscle fibers.

  • the best muscle building, 16 g BCAA
  • at breakfast
  • post workout
  • low in calories 🙂 ONLY 5,4 g off carbs
  • gluten free

Compared with other proteins, have a perfect solubility which does not form limps or residues.




The protein CHOOKIE DOUGH bar contains more than 33% protein, with no artificial flavours.

Perfect for various types of employment such as:

  • it was born as a muscle mass increase
  • to be taken after the workout to rebuild the muscle fibers
  • it helps muscle recovery
  • ideal for diets  (fewer carbs)
  • you can use it as a substitute meal in the morning or evening
  • it does not contain harmful fats ans sugars ( only steviol )
  • it helps maintain steady blod sugar levels ( so no feeling hunger)
  • fibbre rich



Freshness fruity. Pure Whey. Pure Energy.

COCOWHEY is a refreshing drink and ideal protein. It contains 20% protein, you can take it any time of the day:

  • after workout for building muscle
  • in the morning
  • make an ideal snack
  • for diet containseverything you need to get energy
  • not contain gluten and soy


Life is more than just eating. Food is foolishly a popular past time, and one of the most common anti-depressants. Don’t fall into that sink hole. View food as a way to fuel your body so that you can feel good, look good, and live your life to the fullest.


FOODSPRING - SALUTE & BENESSEREThese are just some of FOODSPRING products, I suggest you visit the site to find other products for your needs.
You can use my VOUCHER “THEMERMASTORY” 15% DISCOUNT in the case of purchase on the SITE, valid until 30/05/2017




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  1. Candace

    I’ve never heard of FOODSPRING before; I wonder if it’s available in the states? That protein bar sounds amazing. A bar that tastes like cookie dough?! Pretty much a dream for me. The protein is obviously working for you because you’re so fit 🙂

  2. Samjah

    Your body is banging and if you drink and eat this then I need to get some! I can really use the protein bar since it taste like cookie dough. That’s right up my alley!

  3. Ana Vukosavljevic

    I think its time to start drinking cocowhey drink! You look fabolous, you are so fit!

  4. Gracie

    For the past three years, I have eaten so,healthy. I am always conscious of what a put into my body. I exercise daily whether it be spinning, barre, weight lifting, running – and sometimes even doubling up on exercise. So it is very important to feed your body healthy.



  5. Sheree

    Your body is so fit and amazing!! The FoodSpring products sounds really great to keep the body fueled and hydrated and fit! Can we talk about how awesome you look in your workout gear?!?! I am feeling ashamed to compare. Keep up your fabulousness!!

    ~ xo Sheree

  6. Open Kloset

    Hey Beautiful,
    Foodspring is Amazing Brand I heard a lot about them:) I want to try new protein so I will check out their Website:)
    How are you?
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  7. Thomas Falkenstedt

    I love your quote about being an easy way to keeping away from depression and that it’s an easy way to slip into bad habits if you’re not eating right. The Foodspring line seems to offer a great range of products that not only boost your performance, but your overall health and wellbeing in general!

  8. Christine Kong

    You are in such amazing shape and major fit goals! I definitely need to add more protein to my diet on the days I workout. These whey powders sound and look fantastic. I need to add some good protein bars to my snacks as well for when I am on the go. Christine |

  9. Charissa

    These all sound amazing to me. I’m currently working on my new lifestyle again, eating less carbs and less in general. More protein and just healthier. Don’t you love the feeling when you eat more healthy and exercise? I do. Thanks for sharing. XO Charissa || ||

  10. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    This is completely amazing! It sounds like you found the most perfect product! I would really love to try this brand !!

  11. Gina Diaz

    Hi dear!!! :)) this sounds like a great protein supplement!! When I was exercising a lot, I will add this type of supplement to my daily smoothie, it was so good and kept me with lots of energy!! you look so amazingly fit and beautiful!!!

    Happy weekend!! xx.

  12. Queen Horsfall

    I actually never tried any of protein drinks. It sounds so delicious! You have an amazing body and I bet you work out a lot.

  13. Vanessa

    This product sounds absolutely amazing! I love a good protein shake or bar, makes me feel good. I’m curious to try the Foodspring brand. I love all the pictures you included towards the end, you look great! Thank you so much for sharing, love <3


  14. Vanessa

    This product sounds absolutely amazing! I love a good protein shake or bar, makes me feel good. I’m curious to try the Foodspring brand. I love all the pictures you included towards the end, you look great! Thank you so much for sharing, love <3

  15. Jen

    I’m sooo into protein drinks these days! I love them and have them after my workouts. It’s quick and easy and tasty as well. You look amazing girl! I can tell that protein drink is working when I see the pics!

  16. Jacqueline

    I’ve never heard of food spring before. I wonder if it’s something that’s not in the US? I was doing shakes in the morning too but it got a lot expensive for me but it looks like they have a variety of products other than shakes. I’ll have to check them out

  17. Natalia k

    A good protein is so important when you’re going to the gym and keeping up with fitness and health these products look really great and I wonder if they have them in my country .

  18. Aimara

    Need to check this out babe! These products sound amazing!
    I love whey protein, especially when they contain Caseine and that protein bar sounds amazing.
    Killed it with these pics! You have a killer body!

  19. Everest

    I love having a good and healthy snack packed with proteins rather than sugar in my bag for those days when I am on the go. Couldn’t agree more with you that we have to take care of what we put in our bodies and your figure is a good restatement for all of us!

  20. maryam

    You have an amazing body, so I trust your advice. I’ve actually been searching for something to incorporate into my diet as I recently started intense trying. I will definitely look into this. I like how they come in different flavors too.

    xo, Maryam

  21. Sarah

    I have always wanted to try a protein drink, but I get worried about protein flavours. I am curious to know which flavour you choose and how it tasted :)? The protein bars, sound so yummy (especially the cookie dough flavour). I will definitely check out FOODSPRING.


  22. Manda

    I was just thinking how amazing this brand must be! I love that they offer other products besides just shakes! The protein bars and the coconut oil must be wonderful! Cookie dough? Sign me up! Also, love your cute suit you are wearing!

    Manda |

  23. Andreea Birsan

    All these goodies sound really worth trying! I’m always into protein bars so I might have to check into Foodspring’s range. As for the protein powder, I’ve never tried. Do you feel any weird taste? I understand it comes with different flavors, but I’m afraid it would have the powder taste.

  24. sheree

    Is Foodspring available in the states? I have not heard of them until I read your post. We have lots of protein bar and shakes in the states but most of them taste either pretty bland or pretty bad. I would love to give it a try i mean…cookie dough, who woulnd’t want that?!

    ~xo Sheree

  25. Darlene

    no wonder you’re so fit! You have such an amazing body and I can’t wait to try this product out! You’re the perfect endorser for this brand. I can’t believe how low is the calorie for this. I’m eyeing that protein cookie. also where is your Swimsuit from?


  26. Hadasah

    Hi babe,
    Hope you’re well!!
    I’m loving the protein bar, i must definitely try something like that for all the protein. Since I’m vegetarian this comes handy for the protein as i feel sometimes I don’t get enough..
    by the way loving your pictures at the pool, it looks so much fun!
    warm hugs

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