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  1. MIME ET MOI –


Mime et moi is a German company from Munich who produces high quality shoes.

It represents a kind of freedom where woman can choose between aesthetics and practicality. It is a unique and perfect company collection all day long.
The heels you put in your bag and can bring them to work, then change them to get out and turn into an elegant and sexy shoe with a nice 10cm high heel.
It’s a unique mix where woman chooses if she wants to be seductive and fascinating or practical and comfortable.
Each shoe can either be transformed into 5 types of heels or height.
When I first saw him I liked it so much, this pattern with the bow above all because I’m in velvet trend.
Instead when I received it I was very happy because it was packed in a beautiful package with instructions for use and other 2 heels I chose for me.
The shoe arrived in flat mode with the 2 cm heel, I chose the medium with 7cm wide heel and a high heel of 10 cm block heel than what you can find there also stiletto.
In any case it depends on the taste. It is difficult to choose are all beautiful.

My choice was due to the fact I already knew what I wanted to match 🙂
Photos do not do justice to the beauty and quality of these shoes, they are also very comfortable with the highest.
Heels come down and stick easily, they are very stable so you do not have to worry about getting off.

The shoe is very stable inside there is a support that supports the beautiful rigid shoes so really a wonderful innovation.
My friends are impressed they want it all, if you buy a shoe with extra heels it’s like having 3-4 pairs of shoes in one.
It’s really extraordinary I like the quote I found on their site:


“Our love of high and low. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary

On the other hand is how to have a life and extraordinary?

I’ve been inspired by some ideas and I leave here:

10 tips how to get an extaordinary life.

  1. Pay attention
  2. Be gratefull
  3. Stop comparing
  4. Let’s go
  5. make space
  6. Slow down
  7. Admire smell miracles
  8. Write it down
  9. Act like a tourist
  10. Be extraordinary

I hope they can help you to improve and be more positive even if not at all the points I have attached but at least some of it will help guide you towards a quality of life More extraordinary.
Thanks for reading.







Mime et moi e una azienda tedesca da Monaco di Baviera che produce le scarpe de alta qualità.Rappresenta una sorte di libertà dove la donna può scegliere tra l’estetica e praticità. È una collezione unica e perfetta compagnia per tutto il giorno.

Gli tacchi messi nei sacchettini li puoi portare al lavoro,  poi li cambi per uscire si possano trasformare in una scarpa elegante e sexy con un bel tacco 10 cm vertiginoso.

È un mix unico dove la donna sceglie se vuole essere seduttiva e fascinante oppure pratica e comoda .

Ogni scarpa si può o trasformare in 5 tipi di tacchi o altezza.

Quando gli ho viste per prima volta mi sono piaciuti tanto, questo modello con il fiocchetto sopra tutto anche perché sono in velluto tendenza.

Invece quando gli ho ricevuti sono stata molto contenta, perché è stato imballato in un pacchetto bellissimo con istruzioni di uso e altri 2 tacchi che ho scelto per me.
La scarpa arrivata in modalità piatta con il tacco da 2 cm, la più bassa, io ho scelto quella media 7cm con tacco largo e un tacco alto da 10 anche quello un po’ largo rispetto quello che si può trovare c’è una versione ancora stiletto.

In ogni caso dipende dai gusti. E difficile scegliere sono tutti bellissimi. La mia scelta è stata dovuta al fatto che sapevo già con cosa lo volevo abbinare:)

Le foto non rendono giustizia alla bellezza e la qualità di queste scarpe, sono molto comode anche il più alto. Al interno è foderato tutto un pelle.

I tacchi scendono e si attaccano facilmente, sono molto stabili quindi non dovete preoccuparvi che si staccano.

La scarpa è stabile molto all’interno c’è un sopporto che sostine le scarpe bello rigido quindi veramente un’innovazione stupenda.

Le mie amiche sono impressionate la vogliono tutte, se compri una scarpa con i tacchi aggiuntivo è come avere 3-4 paia di scarpe in uno.

Veramente è straordinario mi piace la citazione che ho trovato su loro sito:

“Il nostro amore di alto e di basso: prendere l’ordinario e renderlo straordinario”


Dall’altra parte è come avere una vita e straordinaria ?

Mi sono ispirata di qualche idee e vi lascio qui 10 Tips,

  1. Fai attenzione
  2. Sii grato
  3. Smetti di lamentarti
  4. Andiamo
  5. Fai spazio
  6. Rallenta
  7. Ammira i miracoli dei profumi
  8. Scrivilo
  9. Agisci come un turista
  10. Essere straordinari

Spero che vi potrà aiutare a migliorare ed essere più positivi anche se non in tutti i punti che ho allegato ma almeno in qualche d’una vi aiuterà a indirizzarvi verso una qualità di vita più straordinaria .

grazie per la lettura.

** This post was sponsored by MIME ET MOI

Outfit details

Sandals: MIME ET MOI

Jeans: ZARA


Belt :H&M

Sunnies : MANGO

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  1. Thomas Falkenstedt

    If the photos don’t do them justice I do have to wonder how extraordinarily beautiful they must be in real life as they are stunning in the pictures as well! As for your tips I really loved the “live like a tourist” as that’s what I do all the time. I walk around in my city discovering new things!

  2. Samjah

    Are you kidding me this is genius! To be able to switch a shoe heel out is the best thing since sliced bread! They look gorgeous and like they can go with anything! I want to try them!

  3. Candace

    Being the least girly girl you could think of, I have really been loving anything with a bow on it lately, shoes particularly! I can’t get enough of those heels you wore here and wish I had a pair myself. Being grateful has definitely allowed me to grow, on the blog and spiritually, so it works!

  4. Jenelle

    My friend has these jeans! I recognised them right away. This is an interesting idea about the changing heel heights. It’s not something I have ever seen before but it actually seems very practical.
    xx Jenelle

  5. Aldora

    Thanks for sharing your 10 tips! I love the first 4 tips because they are essentials to living an extraordinary life. Also, those shoes look real classy on you – I love the concept of being able to change up the type of heels you want to suit different occasions!

    xx Aldora

  6. Manda Lee

    Girl! Mime et moi did it right! I have seen shoes like this before but in all honestly they were SO ugly! These are just gorgeous! I just went to their site and I really love the Poppy Red too! Do they sell to the US because I so want a pair! Perfect for my mom on the go life!


  7. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Your shoes are completely gorgeous and I love your jeans and top too. The entire look is sophisticated yet fun. I really love your tips on making life extraordinary!

  8. Everest

    those heels are amazing! not only are they getting the velvet trend so right they even made it so versatile by changing the heels.
    Your outfit was perfect against the beautiful blooms of summer! Thank you for sharing tips on how to take ordinary to extraordinary, my favourite is to stop comparing.

  9. Christine Kong

    These shoes are so amazing, I love that you can change the heel! The velvet color is beautiful and I love the mini wrist bag too! Such a fab look with these statement jeans. I need to look into this show brand right now! xoxo, Christine

  10. Lily Rose

    Wow this is the best idea for shoe lovers! I love the idea of exchanging the heels and you get 3-4 pairs out of just 1 purchase. So cool, and I also love your outfit too. The jeans are so pretty with the floral details!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  11. Aurela lacaj

    I wish all the shoes I own had this option. This is incredible to be able to switch a shoe heel. You are right the are extraordinary beautiful and go with everything. You can wear them with anything and different occasions. I love how you styled them! I am going to check the website now !
    Aurela x

  12. Vanessa

    This is such a brilliant idea! I’m pretty sure, a lot of women don’t wear high heels because sometimes after wear them for a long period of time, you feel uncomfortable. With this type of shoes you can make a comfy and still chic pair of shoes!
    Great idea! Vanessa http://thefashionstatement.net

  13. Jo

    That shoe concept is the coolest thing ever!!! I’m constantly shopping for shoes thinking, if only they had this in a different heel height. I’m heading to Mime et Moi’s site asap after this! Love your sandals.

    xo, Jo

  14. Meg

    Wow I love the idea of interchangeable heels! I always get tired of such high heels, but love the look of them. Being able to change the height when I feel the pain is awesome.


  15. Vivian

    This is the best invention ever!! I always cannot be bothered wearing heels out because they hurt my feet so bad.
    I definitely need to invest a pair of these, it means that I can carry out a different heel/height in my bag when I go out!!!! These pink ones look super cute on you btw!

  16. Jen

    That is just the most genius thing ever! Why didn’t I think of that!? I love how you can switch out the heel height to get a completely different look. I loved all your tips and I strive to be thankful everyday in every situation. It really changes your perspective on life.

  17. Michelle

    These are the coolest shoes ever! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could just pull my heels off. And 5 options??!! I’m sold! I could use a pair or two of these in my closet. I love your positive attitude Eva and those jeans are gorgeous too 🙂

  18. Aimara

    OMG you look so gorgeous!
    I cannot believe these sandals! What an awesome idea this is!
    Definitely checking out Mime Et Moi to see what other designs they have so thanks for sharing! 🙂
    And thanks for sharing your advice! RN I’m trying to focus on being grateful!

  19. Open Kloset

    Hey Sweetheart,
    Hows you?
    Love the Brand Mime et Moi, I saw The Brand already and such a Great Idea that you can change the heels:) Loved the Color of the Heels too:) And your Jeans is sooo Gorgeous, Really:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Tuesday

  20. Maryam

    Your shoes are so gorgeous and I love how you can change the heels. It’s such a smart idea. I really like the color too, super cute with your jeans. And thank you for the tips, I’m going to incorporate one in particular in my life- live like a tourist. This is such a great advice darling!
    xx, Mary

  21. Kierra

    Everything you have said makes so much sense. I totally agree with what you have said about about your 10 reasons. We really need to stop comparing. I also love this look. You always style your looks so well and it really is so inspiring. I 100% need those jeans.

  22. marcy

    Never heard about this brand before but really like the concept and the design behind it babe!!! The one you are wearing here are so pretty and cute. The entire look is perfection. Love the tips of who to live an extraordinary life. Thanks for sharing this awesome tips.


  23. Helen Chik

    I’ve always said it would be a brilliant idea if you could customise the height of your heels on shoes and I love how theyve brought that idea to life!! It’s so clever and oh so useful!! Those velvet heels are just perfect with those embroidered jeans too

    Helen xx

  24. Jacqueline

    Oh my god I’ve heard of these!! I always wondered if they were actuall practical or had cute styles. I love the velvet ones you chose. They look so perfect and versatile. What a great shoe!!

  25. Ana Vukosavljevic

    Wooow!! These sandals are soo cool. I want them, they are so beautiful and practicas. I looove how you styled them. I’m crazy about your pants. This embroidery is so unique <3

  26. Sheree

    Oh my gosh these heels are interchangable!!! It is such a grea idea because often times I love a pair of shoes but the heels are either too high or too low and this idea is ingenious! I love the velvet fabric and the bow details. Need to check out Mime et Moi!

    ~ xo Sheree
    <a href="http://www.poshcl

  27. Sheree

    Oh my gosh these heels are interchangable!!! It is such a grea idea because often times I love a pair of shoes but the heels are either too high or too low and this idea is ingenious! I love the velvet fabric and the bow details. Need to check out Mime et Moi!

    ~ xo Sheree

  28. Andreea Birsan

    OMG!!! These heels are absolutely genius and they also look super good! Love the color they have and the velvet they are made from. The front detail is super cute and they look extremely well with your embroidered jeans. Almost forgot I had the same jeans, will have to take them out to the light :))

  29. Tandya

    OMG! This idea is amazing! These Mime et moi heels are literally all day heels! They are so convenient too, because the heels can easily fit into a purse. Thank you for sharing this! I NEED these in my life!

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