Put colors into your life

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Put colors into your life

Put colors is a concept that I love, maybe you know something that characterizes me.

I do not like being often in monochromatic looks because they give me some boredom, then there are moments when I love wearing something different, everything depends on my mood maybe when I feel more creative I like to play with colors and to dare. Why not?

I’ll give you a funny advice:

Use the colors if you have any doubts,

Use the pois if you still have doubts

Finally use the stripes if you don’t like the other above- YOU will never go wrong!​​

Have you seen the latest collection of Balenciaga or Vetements? Do you like boots #sockboots? Owned Stock Boots are the must of the season, I’m obsessed with them and I wanted to wear them with Le Pandorine’s SELFIE-Bag .

This bag is crafted in polyurethane with sizes that fit my needs as cards, documents, glasses (always 2 -3 pairs), iPhone, make-up, keys, purse, power bank … in short …;)))

On the buckle in front off, you can customize it insering letters like your name.

The shoulder strap is a great wide guitar type and very trendy. An extra detail that struck me. You can unplug it and use it with other bags that you already have. Really nice.



Metti colori nella tua vita

Metti il colore è un concetto che adoro, qualcosa che mi caratterizza.

Non mi piace stare molto nei look monocromatici, perché mi danno un po’ noia, poi ci sono i momenti quando adoro indossare qualcosa di diverso, dipende tutto dal stato d’animo magari quando mi sento più creativa mi piace giocare e osare con i colori.

Perché no?

Ti do un consiglio divertente:

Usa i colori se hai dei dubbi,

Usa i pois se hai ancora dubbi,

Se no c’è la fai proprio prova le righe: non sbaglierai mai :))

Avete visto l’ultima collezione di Balenciaga o Vetements ?

Ti piacciono gli stivali tipo calza #sockboots?

Chiamati proprio Sock Boots e un must della stagione, sono ossessionata con loro ed ho voluto indossarli con la borsa SELFIE -Bag / Le Pandorine.

Una borsa in poliuretano delle misure che si adattano alle mie necessita come carte, documenti, occhiali (sempre 2-3 paia), telefono, make-up, chiavi, portamonete, ricarica cellulare … insomma ..;)))

Sulla fibbia davanti  puoi inserire le lettere e personalizzare con un nome .

La tracolla e bella larga tipo chitarra, in tendenza. Un dettaglio in più che mi ha colpito.

Lo puoi staccare ed usarlo anche con altre borse che hai già.

Davvero carino.

**Thank you to SELFIE-BAG and MOCKBERG for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.







WATCH:HERE For an exclusive secret offer from #Mockberg, please email: hanna@mockberg.com

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  1. Samjah

    I, too, want to wear more colors and this post just gave me the push I needed to venture out! I’m always buying black, and although black is my favorite color I still want to mix it up a bit. I absolutely love how you styled that purse with the polka dot blouse!

  2. Jen

    I love wearing colors! I love monochroming my colors too. There is a time and place for neutrals and bnw, but colors really speak volumes. I love your bag and your shoes. They definitely caught my eye!

  3. Candace

    I am a HUGE fan of sock boots! They are so flattering on everyone, including my skinny ankles. I just love their snug fit and how they look with shorts or jeans. I have been seeing more and more bag straps on purses as well. I may need to get one of those myself! 🙂


  4. Open Kloset

    Hey Beautiful,
    Hows you?
    Just Obsessed with The Vivid Colours on you, The Bag is sooo Unique and that Boots, Need it sooo much:)
    Love to wear Colorful Things too:)
    Kisses Hugs
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Wednesday

  5. Jenelle

    Okay this is hands down my favourite look of yours! I love the shoes and the bag. Those colours are stunning together. I love the idea of adding your initials or name to customise it. That is a really smart idea. More brands should give that a try.
    xx Jenelle

  6. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    This is the most magnificent outfit ! I actually feel as it if was put together just for me. I agree with you about loving to dress with lots of bright color and very seldomly wear monochrome loooks. Love the black and white with those gorgeous shoes and fabulous bag !

  7. Manda Lee

    I too have been really gravitating toward bright and bold colors! I adore your pairing here and I like the way you mixed the color with the polka print! Sock boots are my favorite right now and I’m not really a fan of any other kind! That’s how much they’ve won me over! Your bag is absolute perfect!

  8. Christine Kong

    Such a fab look! I love the vibrant colors and agree that they can lift up your mood. These sock boots are killer and love the fit of them. The bag is too fun especially with that bold strap. What a fashion forward look! xoxo, Christine

  9. Thomas Falkenstedt

    This is such a fun outfit and I love it top to toe! I especially love the polka dots and the cute bag with the matching shoes! I also love your funny advice as it’s really true, you just can’t go wrong with stripes, haha. If you do, then there’s something seriously wrong. Yay to more color! 🙂

  10. Samantha Mariko

    Adding colors to my outfits puts me in a brighter mood too 🙂 While monotone outfits are always a favorite of mine, I still can’t live without color! I love your bag and boots so much!

  11. Britta

    I love how you styled this outfit with those warm pinks! And otherwise classic outfit turned personal and chic.
    Also that bagstrap is so cool.

  12. Candi

    Omg babe I’m obssessed with the fun colors of your outfit! You’ve matched maroon so well with that black and white polka dot top 🙂 Such a cute clutch! and where are your shoes from? I would love to get a pair!

    XO Candi

  13. Jessie

    I need those colours in my life!!! especially that pair of boots! it’s so pretty and I love the popping colours, and how you match it with your hand bag! Those neon popping colours are perfect for this summer!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those beautiful colours into my life!

    xx, Jess

  14. Wanderlustts

    Hahah too often I turn to black and white but I definitely need more colours in my life. That bag is so adorable, is it really call the SELFIE bag?! For someone that always leans towards the neutrals, I actually love the colour scheme of the bag, it’s so bright and vibrant it makes me feel happy!

  15. Aimara

    Ok, love these photos and this whole look!
    You sure know how to wear those sock boots, I’ve never seen them before.
    Also, dying over that bag!! Like, so obsessed!!! The strap is perfect and I love the colors!
    Thanks for sharing babe

  16. Vanessa

    This look gives me life! It’s so pretty. I agree, wear color will make any look stand out and avoid it to look boring and simple. We’re in the middle of spring when it’s totally apropriate to wear vivid and bright colors to enhance any outfit. Love your bag,It’s so pretty!
    xo! Vanessa

  17. Maryam

    I am starting to wear more bright colors. It’s just so fun and instantly lifts your mood. Speacially with the warmer weather, it’s only appropriate:) I really like this outfit that you’ve put together specially your bag. It really stood out and it’s so stylish and fun.

    xx, Maryam

  18. Kierra

    I am in love with color. I loved to mix and match and create more combos. I feel with color you can do that a lot more. I am loving you you combine color. Your boots are darling and I am obsessing over your handbag. I love how short of a heel the boots have. They are so very unique.

  19. Aurela lacaj

    You are so right, monochrome looks can bore you sometimes and wearing colours totally changes your mood. Love the bag so much, the colour combo is gorgeous and those shoes are amazing. I need a pair ASAP. I am stripe lover too 🙂 You look amazing babe! Aurela xoxo

  20. Jacqueline

    I love how you added hints of color to make this outfit pop! I seriously need to take your advice and do this more with outfits. I’m so bad at adding color but it can be so easy with the right accessories!

  21. Everest

    I love how Colours brings so much fun and vibrance to an outfit. This look is really bold with that unique Colour booties that look really soft and comfy due to the Low heels. The bag is so pretty too with its nice structure and stitching details.

  22. Michelle

    I’m with you! I love me some color! I do wear a lot of black but I always pop it with something fun and colorful. That bag and shoe combo is amazing! And yes, the bag strap is gorgeous and love how you matched up the star earrings! I totally need those ASAP!

  23. Andreea

    I adore adding colors to all my outfits, it wouldn’t feel like me if I wouldn’t wear colors :). As for your outfit, I love all those pops of hot pink, the shoes are really cool and on trend and the bag looks super chic with that stand out strap! Adore how you integrated everything in such cute look.

  24. Ana Vukosavljevic

    I wrote the same post last month, haha!!
    Im a huge fun of colors and I cant image myself wearing only black. I loved your advices and Im obsessed with your shoes. They are so unique and the color is freakin’ amazing!!

  25. Helen Chik

    I totally agree with you! Monochrome bores me to death and I find that my outfits aren’t as inspired when I keep them in black, whites and greys. Love your colourful style and I’m loving those quotes too!

    Helen xx

  26. Lily Rose

    You never disappoint me with your beautifully styled bold outfits! I love how the SELFIE-BAG color matches your boots, and the MOCKBERG watch matches your earrings. All your style tips are on point as well!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  27. marcy

    Absolutely YES babe!! Love this post and I’m all about colours. I love wearing black too but I always give it a touch or pop of color to my look. Definitely love this entire look. The boots and the purse are just stunning and fun to wear.


  28. Veronica Maria Neubauer

    I do not know what to buy first. Finally color. The shoes I find particularly great. Everything was very nice. Thanks for that.
    Love, Tammy
    SchuhXL Schuhe in Übergrößen

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