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Fishnet or patterned tights are the key element for styling your look.
This edgy accessory will pepper up any outfit.

It’s a futuristic detail of the femme fatale.

I tell you a little about their story,

The stockings in history were at the time when women started dressing up, their legs were covered.

They were found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, in the Middle Ages when they began to work silk, becoming a symbol of luxury.

In 1938 it was the revolution when the Nylon came out, as before the very strong synthetic fiber.

In 1940 with the beginning of the Second World War production was stopped and women came to design my back seam on their legs.

With the 50’s and the comes of miniskirt, the tights become without seams in different velvets and colors.

With the evolution of the years, the technological advances of nylon have been changed and become cheaper and more accessible.

Finally, today the fishnet is a product that is illustrated by our celebrity examples.

Become glamorous and seductive. Now we also have proof that we wear socks under the denim and tendency now. Y The best thing is to wear underneath a pair of cuffed jeans.

Here is for you CEDUIRE




Vi racconto un po’ sulla loro storia ,

Le calze nella storia sono state nel momento in cui le donne hanno iniziato vestirsi, le gambe sono state coperte.

Sono state trovate fasce per le gambe nelle tombe dei faraoni egizi, come anche al medioevo quando iniziarono lavorare la seta diventando un simbolo di lusso.

Nel 1938 stata la propria rivoluzione quando uscì il Nylon, come prima fibra sintetica molto resistente.

Divento molto richiesto.

Nel 1940 con l’inizio della seconda guerra mondiale la produzione viene interrotta e le donne finirono col disegnarsi sulle gambe quella cucitura posteriore.

Con gli anni ’50 e arriva la minigonna, ed il collant senza cuciture in diverse velature e colori.

Con la evoluzione dei anni stata modificata il progresso tecnologico del nylon e divento meno costoso e più accessibile.

Oggi il fishnet e per tutti un prodotto che viene illustrato dai nostri esempi di celebrità.

Divento glamour e seducente.

Adesso abbiamo anche la prova che a portare le calze sotto il denim è una tendenza.

Sta spopolando molto sul Instagram .

La cosa migliore è da indossare sotto gli jeans strappati.

Ecco qui per voi CEDUIRE.











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  1. Open Kloset

    Ohhh Darling,
    Love how you Styled the ShirtDress and Yes, Fishnets Are sooo Elegant and Feminine:)
    I love to wear as well:)
    Thank you for sharing the Story, I didn’t knew:)
    You Look Amazing And Soo Elegant:)
    Kisses Hugs

  2. Candace

    Tights are definitely an amazing transitional piece! They can actually be worn year round, with any type of look. The problem I have is not being able to find cute ones like these for my long legs 🙁 I need to look yours up asap!


  3. Lana

    Thank you for the info about tights, it was so interesting. I love the hole look, you look amazing and so bright in the leather dress!

  4. Sweet as Fiction

    Tights are such a universal piece to have. Totally spot on how it’s a great transitional piece! Love how you styled it.
    Thanks for such an inspiring post lovely!

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  5. Samjah

    I would have never thought about styling a dress on top of s shirt but you definitely pulled this look off!!! It’s so stylish and creative!! I am in love with it! And the stockings add that jazz to the whole ensemble!

  6. Sheree

    This look is so edgy and cool and all kinds of fabulous babe!! Love the layering with the double dresses. The more I see your earrings the more I want them! Finally, I have not jumped on the fishnets bandwagon, but maybe I should give it a try, it looks so cool on you.
    ~ xo Sheree

  7. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    I love tights SO much ! I’ve actually been obsessed with them lately and I really love how you styled them here ! Completely perfect and gorgeous!

  8. Britta

    I love how you styled these lovely fishnets! They go perfectly with any outfit!
    Love styling mine with ripped jeans for winter as well!
    Thank you for sharing a bit of history as well! I did not know this about tights!

  9. Aimara

    Such an interesting story! I really had no idea!
    I don’t own fishnets and I don’t even know why! They are so chic and sexy!
    Love these ones with the butterfly detail in the back babe!
    Your whole look is perfection! Head to to perfect!

  10. Meg

    These tights look great! I love how tights can completely change an outfit, like it did for yours. I definitely need to start wearing them more.

  11. Christine Kong

    I love that little history lesson on how stockings came about! There is something so sexy about stockings and fishnets in general. I love the detail of this pair with the back seam and butterfly. It is such a statement piece too! xoxo, Christine

  12. Thomas Falkenstedt

    Thank you for the history lesson sweetie! 🙂 I knew about the discovery of nylon and how that revolutionized the industry, but had no idea it went all the way back to ancient Egypt! You look amazing as always babe!


  13. Michelle

    These fishnets are gorgeous! I adore the butterfly details! I actually used to wear a lot of nude fishnets in my youth – I think it’s time to bring them out again. Love your layered look – so fun!

  14. Andreea Birsan

    Tights are cool, but I use them mostly in autumn and winter, now it’s just way too hot to wear them any longer, hehe. But the ones on you look super cool and they work perfectly with the dress you chose. Have a lovely week ahead! xx


  15. Eliza

    I can hardly imagine a good classic outfit without a pair of finest tights. Tights have always been a symbol of luxury and abundance. And I love the way you pepper up this post with a bit of a history! The modern tights are definitely bolder and more liberal compared to the original ones.

  16. Jessica

    I agree, fishnet stockings definitely work as a good transitioning piece. I like the way you layered the dresses over each other they create a very edgy look. Xo, Jessica

  17. Manda

    How amazing is that butterfly detail on the back of theses tights?! Let me just say I adored learning about the history of tights! I have a fascination with Egyptian history and I had NO idea about that! The fact that they were found in tombs go Pharaohs means they were highly regarded!

  18. marcy

    I’have been wanting to get some fishnets for a while but I don’t know if this style will suit me hehehe Absolutely love this look and how you layered. You have such a great style! I have to agreed that tights are such a great transition piece.
    Have a lovely day.


  19. Jacqueline

    I love tights so much. They’re so perfect all year round. And with fishnets being so huge this year I’m loving how you paired them. Edgy and sexy you really can wear tights with just about anything

  20. Tandya

    Such a great post. I loved learning the history of tights. I had no idea that they were first found in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. I currently love the fishnet trend and I love that yours has a butterfly design on them.

  21. Jenelle

    I have been wearing fishnets a little bit lately again too! I shot a few looks, but one or two I later decided I actually didn’t want to share. They just weren’t right, maybe they were a little too on trend, that usually puts me off. xx Jenelle

  22. Jen

    I love tights! Eversince I saw Gossip Girl, I had to have them in every color. Now I love the fishnet tight trend too under some destroyed jeans. I love that butterfly detail on yours. You wear them soooo well!!

  23. Maryam

    I totally agree that tights are such great transitional pieces. Luckily, they come in so many different styles and colors. I specially like the ones you are wearing here, and I like how you e styled the whole look. Very stylish dear!

    xo, Maryam

  24. Brown Eyed Toast

    Hi dear! Thanks for sharing this awesome tights brand with us! The fishnets looks fabulous, and the back seam and butterfly are such perfect detail points! I also really appreciated learning about the history of how tights came to be- so unique and fun to learn how it has evolved over time. Love! xo

  25. Warren Pasi

    Love the styling the shirt dress under the other cute dress and paired with those fishnets is super chic! another great look. Hope you’re having a fabulous week.

  26. Jessie

    Those tights are so pretty!!!! I love how they have a line runs from the top to the bottom, so it totally elongated your legs! Great choice to tights! I love your shirt dress and how you layered up too! Great outfit babe! Thanks for sharing.

    xx, Jessie

  27. Jessica

    Love finding a great pair of tights to wear as transition piece between the cooler and warmer days. Love the details of the back of your ankle with the butterfly. Such a nice touch to add wit your layered look. Love it from head to toe. xo, Jessica

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