How precious is your time?

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How precious is your time ?

Have you ever wondered how precious is your time?

Time is the most precious thing in the world I think.

Now you will think it is wrong, because there are the money.

The money you can have it in the future but the precious time lost will never give you back anybody.

This is a tough reality.

There are several situations when there is time to act immediately instead in other situations you have to wait. Another thing you know is how you live this present, not just thinking about the future.

Engaged now is your future will be better. The past to tomorrow will certainly be how you lived today,

Carpe Diem!

About time I would like to show my new watch arrived by Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose 32 mm with the mesh strap and his signed cuff. All in rose gold. Awesome items.

If you want, you can buy all using my MERMAIDFASHION code to get 15% discount on their site. Until 30 June 2017

The romper that I wear, in  gingham print is the must of the season. All bloggers are obsessed to having at least one piece with this print, including accessories in their wardrobe l.

Here are 5 top ideas for what to wear or how to renew an outfit from your closet with the right accessories of  this season .

  1. Basket bag  or shoulder strap
  2. Pink dress .
  3.  Big earrings
  4. Metallic shoes (gold, silvery)
  5. Garments or Accessories gingham

What do you say?





L’hai mai chiesto quanto e prezioso il tuo tempo?

Il tempo è la cosa più preziosa del mondo secondo me.

Adesso penserai che è sbagliato, perché c’è il denaro.

Il denaro lo potrai avere anche in futuro ma il tempo prezioso perso non te lo darà mai indietro nessuno.

Questa è una dura realtà.

Ci sono diverse situazioni quando c’è tempo per agire subito invece in altre situazioni bisogna aspettare.

Un’altra cosa certa l, come vivi il presente non pensando solo al futuro. Impegnati adesso è il tuo futuro sarà migliore.

Il passato a un domani sarà di certo come hai vissuto oggi,

Carpe Diem!

A proposito di tempo vorrei farvi vedere il nuovo orologio arrivato da Daniel Wellington, con il cinturino in maglia mesh e il suo bracciale rigido firmato. Tutto color oro rosa.

Se vuoi puoi acquistare tutte 2 usando il mio codice MERMAIDFASHION per avere 15% di sconto sul loro sito entro 30 giugno 2017.

La tutina che indosso, in stampa gingham e il must della stagione . Tutte le blogger sono ossessionate per avere almeno un capo con questa stampa, anche accessori.

Ecco qui per voi 5 idee top per cosa indossare o come rinnovare un outfit dal tuo armadio con gli accessori giusti di questa stagione

1. Borsetta o tracolla in paglia

2. Abito rosa

3. Orecchini grandi

4. Scarpe metalliche ( oro, argento)

5. Indumenti o accessori gingham
Che ne dite ?

daniel wellingtondaniel wellington mesh strapgingham rompergingham rompergingham rompergingham romperginghamsimple aliexpress

They come with different pendants each one has a meaning. There are gold, pink and silver gold. Like a kind of amulet brings luck that protects you. Very cute. I had chosen these 3 in gold color.

You can visit their site 

Let me know which one you liked?

KARMA, ANCHOR, ANGEL ☝🏻Don’t forget to use my coupon “MERMAIDFASHION10″for get 10% off


murandum**Thanks for Daniel Wellington, Simple Apparel and Murandum to sponsoring kindly this post.

36 risposte

  1. Christine Kong

    I totally agree, time is so precious and it is important to spend it wisely. I love this DW gold mesh watch. It is so classy and elegant and perfect with this gingham dress. The perfect summer look! xoxo, Christine

  2. Candace

    Time is definitely precious and we must always make sure we make the most of it while we have it! At first glance, I thought I was mostly in love with that gingham romper you’re wearing…until I saw those shoes! Omg, those shoes. I’ll just take this whole look while I’m at it!

  3. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    This watch is completely stunning on you and I absolutely love how you styled it with this amazing gingham ensemble! Total summer perfection!

  4. Eliza

    That is so true. Time is the most precious source in our world and sometimes we spend it so silly. We have to appreciate every single moment and learn how to spend it thoughtfully. These rose-gold DWs are looking so fab, I would love to have them, haha. They are so chic and stylish.

  5. Samjah

    I want your watch and your romper!! I love them both! I’ve been wanting a rose gold watch but haven’t got around to getting one. Thanks to this post I know just where to get it from!

  6. Charissa

    You are completely right babe! Sometimes we forget how important time is (loving your watch by the way!!) Doing things that aren’t important, worrying about things and people who aren’t worth worrying about. Thanks for bringing that up. XO Charissa || ||

  7. Ana Vukosavljevic

    I totally agree, time is the only thing we can’t buy and it’s sooo precious!

    I’m loving this watch btw, I have the same one just with bronzy mesh, I loved all the photos <3

  8. Open Kloset

    Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    The Most Beautiful Gold Watch ever, love the matches Gold Bracelet:)
    Your Gingham Romper is Beautiful 🙂
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  9. Manda

    It is so important to live in the moment! Not focusing on the further or the past is a great and present way to live. I love the DW watches! They are aways so pretty and well made. As for your romper! Love it! I am going on vacation in a week and this would be perfect for that! I love the must haves

  10. Maggie

    Time is of the essence and it’s one thing that really shouldn’t be wasted. I love your DW gold mesh watch! It’s so classy and it goes really well with any outfit. I’m loving your off the shoulder gingham dress as well! So perfect for the summer!

    Maggie S.

  11. Jen

    What a gorgeous romper! I love gingham and all the bloggers are wearing it because it looks soooo fabulous! You look amazing and I really love your watch too. The strap is so lovely. I need to get that watch for myself!

  12. Aurela lacaj

    Agreed, time is precious and must be spend wisely. I love this DW gold mesh watch, is so classy and goes with everything. I adore the gingham romper on you, you look so chic and beautiful ! Aurela xox

  13. Natalia k

    I totally agree time is the most precious thing we have with our children family even our pets.
    I love Daniel Wellington watches they are truly stylish and timeless and I love the way you styled them. I also love rose gold and mesh.
    Natalia k

  14. Jo

    Love this whole look from head to toe! Yes, definitely obsessed with gingham. Such a cute look for summer! The gold watch and accessories look amazing with this outfit.

    xo, Jo

  15. Michelle

    I love my DW watch too. I have a leather strap but I love your mesh strap. And the rosegold is gorgeous too! I love how you paired it with the ruffled gingham romper. It’s so chic!

  16. Vanessa

    I agree! Time is the most precious and valuable thing. And what a better way to wear the time than in a stylish way! Love your DW watch and cuff. They’re so pretty and they look totally luxurious pieces. Those accesories work great with the look you’re wearing, perfect for the season! Vanessa

  17. Meg

    I love this watch brand! And this one is so classic. I could see myself wearing this watch with just about any outfit and making it look just a little more classy!

  18. wanderlustts

    They keep coming up with the nicest collection it’s so hard to choose which one I want to add to my collection of watches! I have the same one in silver with a white dial and I think it’s such a dainty and perfect piece. Something about the mesh watch band that makes it feel so much more comfortable

  19. Samantha Mariko

    Daniel Wellington always has the most classic timepieces to choose from! I love how you paired yours with a cute gingham romper with other summer details 🙂 time is definitely precious!

  20. marcy

    I completely agreed babe TIME is so important and its also the only thing you can control too!! I love wearing cute accessories that remind me the time like this cute Daniel Wellington watch!! I love their new classic petite collection. LOVE this cute gingham romper too


  21. Brown Eyed Toast

    Hi love! I remember seeing you model this adorable gingham romper on your feed and am so glad to see it here again! It is such a chic look that everybody is wearing right now just as you said! Your suggestions on how to style it are just perfect, and how stunning is that watch?? <3 xx Soo

  22. Aimara

    Couldn’t agree more! Time is everything and what matters the most. We should all know how valuable time is.
    Also, you look so beautiful and chic! This look is amazing and love the style you created around this elegant DW watch!
    Killing it with these pics!

  23. Madison

    Love this post, babe! It’s so true – as I get older, I absolutely value my time even more. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Loved this DW watch on you – it’s so perfectly styled with your layered necklaces! Such a chic touch! xx

  24. Everest

    That gingham romper is the perfect investment piece for summer!!! Love the watch that you are wearing which is so classic and beautiful! Basket bags are so huge this summer and I can’t get enough of them too! I will totally wear ur look all weekends in summer!

  25. Kayla Amadasun

    Such a fabulous fashion look! I absolutely adore this gingham romper! And I am loving everything you paired to accessorize this look with. Especially the watch and bangle combo, and those sunnies too!

  26. Maryam

    I completely agree, time is precious and we must make sure to use it effectively. I love DW watches and the one you are wearing is so chic and stylish. I like the little bangle with it too. BTW, I really like your gingham romper, so cute.

    xx, Maryam

  27. Jacqueline

    Omg I am loving that gingham romper. So perfect for the season. And the dainty accessories with that good DW is perfection. Loving this whole look girl

  28. Jessie

    This new rose gold Daniel Wellington Watch is so pretty. Yes, time is always precious to me. Sometimes, I really hope I can have 48 hours a day to do everything I want to tick off from my to -do list. Guess we will just need to learn smarter way to deal with time, so we can fit more things in.

  29. Warren Pasi

    Totally agree about time being so precious and costly so much so I think I need more of it! Loved the outfit especially that Daniel Wellington watch a really great timepiece! Have a fabulous week XOWP

  30. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    This is truly such a gorgeous timepiece and I love your gingham outfit ! The bag is fabulous as well !

  31. Thomas Falkenstedt

    Time is most certainly more precious than money as, like you said, you can never get lost time back, whereas you can always build a fortune no matter how old you are. It’s a beautiful DW and I say yes to gingham this season too! 🙂

  32. Jenelle

    Oh my god your outfit is amazing!!!! That gingham and those amazing shoes!! I want all of it!! And to be by the lake again too. We missed the swimming weather last visit by one week, so I have to make sure to be there earlier next time. I love that DW have made this bangle to match the watch too!

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