Walking in the golden hours

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Walking in the golden hours


Walking in the golden hours of late afternoon of Venice was an incredible sunset feeling.

Seeing the Venetian chaos in the madness between residents and tourists is a unique emotion. By now every year it becomes a routine to go from here for family reasons, so I take advantage of walking around and visiting Venice. Its unique charm is enriched with history, art and architecture.

As Marco Polo said:

“Maybe I m afraid of losing Venice all at once, if I talk about it, or maybe, speaking of other cities, I ve lost it, little by little.”

This time I wore a midi skirt by Sandro Ferrone, which I have already shown you in my last post. If you want to see ideas how to wear this kind of skirt, you can read it here in my recent article.


11 Healthy reasons for walking

 It’s good for the  heart

Reduces some cancer risks

Lengthens your life

Prevents diabetes

Helps lose weight

Helps sleep better

Better self-estem and productivity

Awakens thyroid to increase metabolism

Adjusts blood pressure

Keeps muscle tone and its ideal for all ages

Improves blood circulation

Ideal for depression

Obivously iwalked around with the sneakers 🙂 The heels I’m used just for take pictures and complete my look.

You like it?




Camminare nelle ore dorate

Camminare nelle ore dorate del tramonto veneziano stato un emozione incredibilmente bella nem tardo pomeriggio.

Vedere tutto il caos in mezzo la follia tra abitanti e turisti e un emozione unica.

Ormai ogni anno diventa un routine passare da queste parti per motivi famigliari, così mi approfitto di camminare e scoprire ogni angolo di Venezia.

Il suo fascino unico è arricchito di storia, arte ed architettura.

Unica al mondo, come diceva anche Marco Polo:

“Forse ho paura di perdere Venezia in una sola volta, se lo parlo o forse parlando di altre città, l ho già l’ho perso, un po’ ..”

Avevo indossato una gonna midi di Sandro Ferrone, che avevo già. Se vuoi vedere idee come indossare questo tipo di gonna voluminosa lo puoi leggere Qui nel mio articolo scritto recente .

11 Motivi per camminare

Fa bene al cuore

Riduce alcuni rischi del cancro

Allunga la vita

Previene il diabete

Aiuta perdere peso

Aiuta dormire meglio

Fa crescere l’autostima e la produttività

Risveglia la tiroide per aumentare il metabolismo

Regolarizza la pressione arteriosa

Mantiene il tono muscolare ed e ideale per tutte le età

Migliora la circolazione sanguina

Ideale contro la depressione

Ovviamente avevo camminato con le sneakers :)) i tacchi sono solo per completare il mio look.

Ti piace ?

sandro ferronesandro ferrone

VENICEveneziasandro ferrone

Outfit Details

skirt: Sandro Ferrone


Heels: HERE



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  1. Open Kloset

    Hey Sweetheart:)
    Hows you?
    Venice is sooo Pretty and you Look Like a Díva in those Skirt:) sooo Pretty:)
    Love the Print so much
    Happy Weekend
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  2. Darlene Anderson

    I take advantage of long summer days walking around basically everywhere. You are right on everything you’ve said and it’s really good for you health.

    You look amazing and enjoy the golden hours!


  3. Meg

    You look so gorgeous! And you are so right. A nice walk is all you need sometimes. Except your walk seems much more picturesque than mine!

  4. Samjah

    I’m sure as you walked around you got many stares and compliments on your outfit! It is too cute! I love to walk around and sight see. It’s such great exercise and a perfect way to explore a city!

  5. Samantha Mariko

    This dress is beautiful and perfect for a stroll through Venice 🙂 I agree that walking is so important for one’s health and it’s fun to explore a city by walking through the streets.

  6. Gina Diaz

    Venice is so beautiful and such a great place to do a shoot! you are so lucky living in Europe and having all these opportunities. You look so gorgeous and I adore the pictures.

    xx. Gina

  7. Christine Kong

    Venice is one of my favorite cities in Italy! I adore this fun, drink printed skirt. It is such a statement piece and makes for great conversation. I’ll bet you received many compliments on this skirt. Walking is so great for all of us and love the benefits you listed. xoxo, Christine

  8. Aldora

    Awesome benefits of walking hun! I was in Venice too last month & I really love how beautiful that place looks! And yup lots & lots of walking! Did you stop by at the small boutiques to look at the Murano Glass pieces?

    xx Aldora

  9. Gracie

    I love exercising especially walking,, and what a beautiful place to walk – it does help if you have wonderful scenery. Love your skirt and heels with it. Beautiful.



  10. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    I absolutely love this look! The skirt is truly stunning and I wish I had it ! The shoes are completely gorgeous and your hair is perfect!!! The scenery is so amazing to be walking in and I love your tips and reasons for walking!

  11. Michelle

    Super cute look! I’m all about a cute midi! This look totally works with your heels or kicks! I love to walk everywhere and I confess I always have flip flops or heels in my bag (whatever I’m not wearing LOL). Venice is so beautiful! It’s been years since I’ve been…

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    PS You present well. Best wishes

  13. Vanessa

    Oh! Venice is the most beautiful place on earth! You are simply glowing with your look , totally chic and sophisticated. Love the cool touch with your shoes. Perfect to enjoy a nice walk in such a true paradise.
    Love it!


  14. Maryam

    You are so lucky to be able to go for a walk at the golden hour in a romantic city like Venice. Your photos look absolutely stunning! As far as walking, I am totally into it. I try to walk as much as I can, I find it soothing besides all the other greta health benefits.

    xx, Maryam

  15. Tandya

    Omg! How I’d love to be taking a stroll in Venice during the golden hour! Even in chaos, it looks absolutely amazing! I love your outfit as well. The skirt is so beautiful. Walking is so good for the body! I try to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. Thank you for sharing!


  16. Thomas Falkenstedt

    I adore both the look and the golden hour in Venice! I’m always walking like everywhere. People think I’m crazy, but it’s not unusual that I walk 25 km a day and on a “good” day it can even be the double. Always on the move so to say, so I absolutely agree walking is good for you 🙂
    Thomas xx

  17. Lana

    Venice is so beautiful, I think it is such a pleasure to walk there.
    You outfit is 100% in point. So chic and classy.
    And I love those shades on you.

  18. Manda Lee

    What a beautiful place to walk around and explore! One of my favorite things to do alone is walking and finding little bistros and cafes to sit and enjoy living! Your outfit looks lovely! Such a fun skirt and I adore that you paired it with a lace top! Manda Lee

  19. Eliza

    This amazing skirt works perfectly with the beauty of Venice and completes the effect. I’ve never been in Venice before, but I would love to visit it one day and to get the unique feeling of it! Btw, the pictures are stunning.

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  20. zahra

    Such a beautiful city full of poetry and beautiful architecture. Lovely backdrop for a bit of fashion too 😉
    Love how you paired your outfit with sneakers, very cute!!

    Zahra / Theluxeedition.com

  21. Candace

    Haha sounds like me! I always use my heels for pics (and dates with my fiancé) and sneakers for everyday wear. They are way more comfortable than heels to me. That skirt and barrette are the perfect pair. You look lovely!


  22. Kara Aragon

    Great list of reasons to walk. I love walking & usually walk around my neighborhood (almost 3 miles) a day, but I haven’t been able to in going on 4 wks because of an injured foot, ugh! Anywho I love these photos. You look great.


  23. Jacqueline

    Oh my god girl this outfit is seriously so darling. In love with that skirt. Golden hour is the best of photos. And you can’t ever go wrong with having Venice as your backdrop.

  24. Sofia

    You look so tan and Venice is such a beautiful City to be in, especially during summer times! The skirt that you are wearing is SO cute! whats your favorite summer drink?? Mine is an Apperol Spritz and I would wear a Tee with that drink all over any day!


  25. Natalia k

    I love how you styled that beautiful skirt with that feminine top absolutely classy and perfect for summer.
    I’ve never been to Venice but it’s looks and sounds romantic and beautiful.
    Natalia k

  26. Jessie

    I love walking too 🙂 I try to archive at least 10,000 steps a day. sometimes when i’m on holiday, I walk around so much that I have even archived 30,000 steps once! That was in Milan! I went around everywhere for shopping 🙂 I love those photos you have taken in Venice!

  27. Jo

    Venice looks so beautiful, especially when it’s during Golden Hour. I love your outfit and that gorgeous skirt of yours. It’s the perfect combination of lady-like sophistication and cool modern vibes.

    xo, Jo

  28. Brown Eyed Toast

    I am so jealous that you were in Venice! It is one of my and my husband’s favorite cities in the world 🙂 I definitely recall how gorgeous the city is especially around sunset hour. With all the tourists and the light bouncing off the waters, it is such a lively sight. Love the look too!

  29. Maggie

    I remember walking 4-6 miles everyday when I was in Hong Kong and I was so in shape. I lost 5 pounds during 3 weeks, but ate literally everything I set my eyes on. BTW, love the martini skirt!

    Maggie S.

  30. Ana Vukosavljevic

    I love Venice sooo much! And it’s so easy to walk there when it’s so pretty 😀 Right? You look so stylish in here girl! I bet people were starring! I need the same skirt in my closet, it’s sooo beautiful!

  31. Sheree

    I loved how you styled this outfit. The skirt is so fun and whimsical and I loved the lace top you paired it with. I love the gold hour light, it looks perfect on you and the city looks amazing, I would love to take a stroll too. Your sneakers are so cool!!

    ~ xo Sheree

  32. Darya

    Hey dear,

    I love walking but I love doing sports even more.
    Thank you for this wonderful post. You made me think about traveling to Italy.
    Love the print on your skirt. It looks really wonderful.


  33. Aurela lacaj

    Oh I miss Italy so much now that I am looking at your pictures. Venice is the best city to walk around and explore. Love the outfit, you look elegant and very chic! Enjoy the golden hours!
    Aurela x

  34. Lily Rose

    Yes I love this outfit. The midi skirt is so cute and perfect for walking in Venice. Heels or sneakers, either looks great! This city is beautiful, I need to visit it!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

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