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*** Special thanks to Madam Glam for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own***


Since I received the gels from Madam Glam, I’m using only these.
For any occasion when I’m need a new manicure.

I’m feeling comfy and practical to can make them from my home.

So I thought to share you 5 steps to try out them:

1. Apply, degrease and disinfect the nails .
2. Put a bounder .
3. Place the first layer BASE COAT GEL X 2 min in the UV lamp
4. Choose a color and apply it in 2-3 layers. Each layer must be placed in the lamp for 2 Minutes
5. Finally put a TOP COAT GEL and leave 2 min in the lamp again.

If needed and remains a dispersant layer (sticky layer) you can take off with the degreaser.

Finally you check your nails if you need to slice them and put some oil on the cuticles .

I choose this adorable summer vibrant colors, like goddes dahlia , winter jasmin  for the ONE STEP GELS

and  from SOAK OFF GELS the aqua blue, all natural.

you can still be in good contrast with your tan.
Can be designed and decorated with other elements.
I’m using just colors, because I like more apply them simply.
I don’t know what kind of color can be good for you, but the good manicure or pedicure can complete your beauty routine.

What kind of color do you’ll getting from Madam Glam?






Da quando ho ricevuto i gel da Madam Glam uso solo questi.

Per ogni occasione quando ho bisogno di una nuova manicure.

Mi sento comoda e pratica per poterle farle da casa.

Così ho pensato di condividere con te 5 step per come realizzarli:

1. Opacizzare, sgrassare e disinfettare le unghie
2. Mettere un mediatore di aderenza
3.Mettere il primo strato BASE COAT GEL  per  2 min nella lampada
4. Scegliere un colore, applicalo in 2- 3 strati, ogni strato deve essere messo nella lampada per 2 minuti
5.Alla fine mettere il TOP COAT GEL e lasciare ancora 2 min nella lampada.

Se c’è bisogno e rimane lo strato dispersivo ( strato appiccicoso) si può togliere con il sgrassatore
Alla fine si controllano le unghie se c’è bisogno di limarle e si mette un po’ di olio sulle cuticole
Semplice !

Ho scelto questi colori vibranti estivi:  like goddes dahlia , winter jasmin  come ONE STEP GELS e della SOAK OFF GELS ho scelto  aqua blue, all natural.

Risultano ad essere in un buon contrasto con la tua abbronzatura.
Puoi progettarli e decorarli con altri elementi.
Sto utilizzando solo colori, perché mi piace di più applicarli semplicemente.
Non so che tipo di colore possa essere ideale per te, ma una buona manicure o pedicure può completare la tua routine di bellezza.

Che tipo di colore vorrai acquistare da Madam Glam?
soak off top gelall naturalall naturalall naturalgoddes dahliagoddes dahliachrome mirror

17 risposte

  1. Mariann Yip

    This sounds like a great way to spend a girls night in! Definitely need check it out 🙂

  2. Deddeh Howard

    Oh girl, I need to try these. I have been looking for some great home nail polish. Thanks for sharing love.

  3. Gracie

    I love that you can do these products on your own and they seem really easy. Great colors too. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Candace

    Their gel polishes are the best! I am so glad I was introduced to them and how much money they have saved me from going to the nail salon for shellac. It’s so easy to do at home and all those gorgeous colors to choose from too!

  5. Kate Tik

    I definitely need to check this out! I love getting gel polish on my nails cause it doesn’t chip right away. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  6. Christine Kong

    I am all about gel polish because it lasts longer. These colors look amazing and so cool that you can do it at home. I hadn’t heard of this brand before thanks for letting me know about this! Your nails look fab and I love the light pink one the most. xoxo, Christine

  7. Thomas Falkenstedt

    Oh, those nails are truly something else and the colors you chose were perfect for your style as you always experiment with color ever so gracefully and you nailed it (pun intended) this time too!
    Thomas xx

  8. Jo

    I love the colors that you chose! They do look beautiful against your tan. So perfect for summer. Gel manicures are amazing. They last for days and never chip which is something that always happens to me when I use regular nail varnish.

    xo, Jo

  9. marcy

    Such an easy way to do your nails at home babe!! Definitely need to check this brand out looks amazing and have very great colors.


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