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17th FINA World Master Championships in Budapest 9-20 August.

I am an athlete of the Pratogrande Team and I would like to tell you about this adventure, my first World Championship.

I took the Wizzair flight from Milano to Budapest on 14/08 to arrive one day before my races.

I ran into W40-44 on Tuesday 15/08 in 100m free style and 100m breaststroke .

In the first race I stopped the chronometer at 1:24.97″

Unfortunately, I have passed the time limit and for this reason I have been out of the standings.

Ready to redeem me in the second race of the day in the 100m breaststroke I swim in 1:42.97″ with the 58th place in my category.

Wednesday, 16/08 in 50m butterflies I did not rank in 48.87″

Same thing in the 200m medleys, but I made my personal best with a time 3:31.45″

Finally on Saturday 19/08 I gave the best of me om 200m breaststroke, recording the time of 3:36.45″ by placing the 37th place.

It was undoubtedly the best test of this transfer.

I did almost my personal time in the tub. I never thought I would end up so beautifully.

Staying off a week for the 17th Fina World Master Championships was an unique and unrepeatable experience. I’m very satisfied.

On a sports level I managed to improve my performance.

Despite the two races I classified as a pity for the other three.

I have to thank my coach Valeria Vergani  (world medalist and champion) that she has followed and trained me. Considering that in recent times to prepare for the best I trained five times a week with an hour and a half sessions.

I want to thank the sponsors who have contributed with technical stuff to swim.

And always keeping me in good physical condition with self-nutrition supplements.

I feel lucky and grateful for everything I have done modestly for those who let me do it. Above all to my family and friends who supported me.

My motto:

The most beautiful thing in life is to be able to get up in the morning and be able to do what you like /

Thanks to attention and all support.






Iniziata dal 9-20 agosto il 17  FINA World Master Championships a Budapest.

Sono un atleta portacolore del Team Pratogrande e vorrei raccontarti questa avventura, il mio primo Mondiale.

Ho preso il volo Wizzair da Milano per Budapest il 14/08 per arrivare un giorno prima delle mie gare.

Ho gareggiato nelle categorie W40-44.

Martedì 15/08 nel 100 stile libero e nei 100 rana.

Nella prima gara ho fermato il cronometro la 1:24.64″.

Purtroppo ho superato il tempo limite e per questo sono rimasta giro dalla classifica.

Pronta a riscattarmi nella seconda gara del giorno nei 100 rana nuotato in 1:42.97 con il 58º posto nella categoria.

Mercoledì 16/08 nei 50 farfalla non mi sono classificata in 48.87″

Stessa sorte nei 200 misti, ma ho fatto il mio personal best con un tempo 3:31:45″

Infine sabato 19/08 ho dato il meglio di me facendo registrare il tempo di 3:36.45″ centrando il 37º posto.

E stata senza dubbio la prova migliore di questa trasferta. Ho fatto quasi il mio tempo personale in vasca corta. Non avrei mai pensato di chiudere così in bellezza.

Stare via una settimana per il 17th Fina World Master Championships e stata una esperienza unica ed irripetibile. Sono molto soddisfatta.

A livello sportivo sono riuscita a migliorare le mie prestazioni.

Solo due gare in cui mi sono classificata peccato per le altre tre.

Devo ringraziare al mio coach Valeria Vergani pluri campionessa mondiale di avermi seguita e allenata.

Considerando che negli ultimi tempi per prepararmi al meglio mi sono allenata cinque volte a settimana con sedute di un’ora e mezza.

Voglio ringraziare agli sponsor che hanno contribuito con materiale tecnico per nuotare.

E tenendomi sempre in ottima condizione fisica con gli integratori di Selfomninutrition.

Mi sento fortunata e grata per tutto ciò che ho modestamente realizzato, per chi me l’ha permesso di farlo.

Sopratutto alla mia famiglia e gli amici che mi hanno sostenuto

Mio motto:

/La cosa più bella nella vita è a riuscire ad alzarti alla mattina e poter fare quello che ti piace /

Grazie di aver letto mio post

un abbraccio


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14 Responses

  1. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    Dear Eva,
    This is the most amazing and inspiring post! I can’t believe how talented you are in so many ways. It’s so exciting to read about the events and you look so perfect and gorgeous!!!

  2. Samjah

    Wow!! This is just awesome! No wonder you are a great swimmer!! Women are just some incredible humans!! And you’re right, there’s nothing better than being able to do what you love!

  3. Meg

    Wow this is so amazing! You are so talented! This was such an inspiring post to read.

  4. Gracie

    Congratulations! Your are amazing. I love swimming but only for exercise.
    Very envious of you.



  5. Candace

    So this explains your absence and why you’ve been missed! Girl, I couldn’t be more proud of you and your accomplishments making it this far. Way to stay positive about the championships. You have no reason to hang your head down. You are so inspiring and can still out swim me and most of us 🙂

  6. Sheree

    Girl you should be so proud of yourself for being in this competition!! Whether you placed or not, it is an amazing accomplishment. You look so fit and amazing and I am in awe of your talent.

    xo Sheree

  7. Gina Diaz

    Congratulation dear Eva! this is truly impressive!!! I don’t know how to swim yet, perhaps this fall I will give it a try!

    xx. Gina

  8. Samantha Mariko

    That is so awesome you compete in the championships!! Congratulations for doing so well on the first two races. I’m sure it’s a lot of pressure to compete with the other swimmers, but I’m sure it’s a great opportunity to also analyze your performance during a race. Anyways, great job!!!

  9. Lana

    Wow that is amazing! This post is so interesting, thank you!
    This experience was incredible and you’ve done a great job. Congrats to you and should be very proud of yourself.


  10. Jen

    I’m so proud of you girl! You are living your dream and it makes me happy to see you happy! You are so inspiring to all. Many congrats Eva!

  11. Thomas Falkenstedt

    When I first heard you were a swimmer on a professional level I was amazed by how little we know about each other although I have been following your blog for so long. I’m very proud of you for your achievements and hope for many more to come! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  12. Jo

    Well done, Eva! That’s awesome you were able to achieve your personal best in the 200m medley! I was so very inspired reading your post. It’s no small feat competing in this level of competition and you clearly gave it your all! Congratulations!

    xo, Jo

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