How to avoid poisonous people

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How to avoid poisonous people


Let’s talk about poisonous people and relationships.

Just writing this post today and there is always a real reason.

In this article you will understand how you can avoid the poisonous and negative people.

I talk above all about poisonous people when they do to damage environment around them.

They may be between friends, family, or work environments. Anyway they create some kind of dangerous tensions on other peoples, so it’s best to avoid them. They are capable of blackmailing, creating negative thoughts, ruining the atmosphere, feeding conflicts, and keeping their prey under control.

That is why it is important to recognize them because they are causing psychological and health damage to other people in the long run. It’s not easy to recognize them.

Different kinds of poisonous people :

  • Do victims see everything in negative .
  • Egocentric people always talking about themselves .
  • The jealous people who can never enjoy the happiness of others
  • Those who always deal with the lives of others and they speak badly
  • Those who increase conflicts change easily, always blaming and offending others, they will soon apologize but will never change their behavior


How can you recognize them?


  • They don’t want to put that they haven’t right
  • They are able to change the speech, say lies but always have their reason
  • If they are wrong, they blame others creating dangerous and harmful conflicts for others above all if it happens in a job
  • In these cases unfortunately the others are always blamed and receive the consequences
  • By always blaming the other to get hurt deeply then they lead them morally to impossible situations
  • Eventually they can even get others to ask for forgiveness and believe they are wrong
  • They make you think they are MORE of you 🙂
  • They have a passive-aggressive behavior
  • Many times I felt they were superior to others, and led to believing that the other is far less than them.
  • An example of compliment that them make to your dress: Praise your dress, but they add that you are “finally” nice now
  • They like to make the other feel embarrassing or uncomfortable, often doesn’t know what to respond to their behavior, becomes confused, and decreases confidence in oneself
  • So they feel winners
  • They always see negativity
  • They can’t accept the happiness of others this always comes from inner jealousy
  • They don’t interest others in fact, they doesn’t accept the successes
  • Even conversations with them are useless, change the talk fast, just talk about theirselves

Do this to avoid them:

It may be harmful if someone like you around, but if you keep a closer relationship with them is even worse.

They cause chronic stress, self-esteem problems, insomnia.

Because the presence of a similar person in our lives can, in fact, lead to long-term heart disease, obesity and depression.

It’s important to recognize this behavior consciously.

It’s very appropriate to pay attention to ignoring the insults and negativities, trying to ignore it, beware of malicious comments.

Do not let them undermine confidence, because once you recognize that a person is poisonous you should know that you don’t have a problem.

If possible, do not stop having discussions with them, do not share your doubts with them, and your problems or weaknesses.

It may be more objective and only maintain contact if it’s necessary with little confidence.

The most important thing is:

Keep your calm, be polite so that you can keep them wide in the simplest way, unless you give them the straight or the answer you expect.

Stay easy and calm!


Love looks through a telescope;

envy, through a microscope.

(Josh Billings)


This dress was worn for a wedding, where I couldn’t make decent photos so I took another opportunity to photograph and the rooftop of Hotel Il Griso located on the periphery of Lake Como.





Come evitare le persone velenose



Se leggerai questo articolo capirai come potrai evitare le persone velenose e negative.

Parlo soprattutto di persone velenose, quando fanno i danni nel loro ambiente che li circonda.

Possano essere tra gli amici, famigliari o ambienti lavorativi.

In ogni caso costituiscono un certo tipo di tensioni pericolosi sulle altre persone quindi meglio evitarli.

Sono capaci a ricattare, creare pensieri negativi, rovinare l’atmosfera, alimentare conflitti e tenere sotto controllo le loro prede.

Per questo è importante come riconoscerli perché a lungo andare provocano danni psicologici e salutari sulle altre persone.

Non e facile riconoscerli.



Diversi tipi di persone velenose


1. Fanno le vittime vedono tutto in negativo

2. Egocentrici che parlano sempre di se stessi 🙂

3. Le persone gelose che non riescono mai a gioire della felicità degli altri

4. Quelli che si occupano sempre delle vite altrui e parlano male

5. Quelli che aumentano i conflitti cambiano rumore facilmente, sempre ad incolpare ed offendere gli altri, ti chiederanno subito scusa ma non cambieranno mai il loro comportamento



Come puoi riconoscerli?


1. Non vogliono mai mettere che non hanno ragione

2. Sono capaci di cambiare il discorso, dire bugie pur di avere sempre il loro ragione

3. Se hanno sbagliato loro, danno la colpa agli altri creando così conflitti pericolosi e dannosi per gli altri sopratutto se succede in un posto di lavoro.

4. In questi casi purtroppo sono sempre gli altri ad essere incolpati e ricevere le conseguenze

5. Incolpando sempre il altro, per arrivare a ferirlo profondamente, dopodiché li portano moralmente in situazioni impossibili

6. Alla fine possono persino ottenere che gli altri devono chiedere perdono da loro e credere che hanno sbagliato



Ti fanno credere che sono PIÙ DI TE


Hanno un comportamento passivo-aggressivo.

Molte volte ho sentito che erano superiori agli altri, e ha portato a credere che l’altro è molto meno di loro.

Un esempio di complimento che fanno al tuo vestito:

Elogiano il vestito, ma aggiungono che finalmente adesso stai beneA loro piace fare che l’altro si sente imbarazzante o scomodo, spesso non sa cosa rispondere al loro comportamento, diventa confuso, e diminuisce la fiducia in se stesso.

  • Quindi si sentono vincitori.
  •  Vedono sempre la negatività
  •  Non possono accettare la felicità altrui questo proviene sempre da una gelosia interiore.
  • Non li interessano gli altri
  • Infatti, non accettano i successi altrui
  • Anche gli conversazioni con loro sono inutili, cambino veloce il discorso, parlando solo di se stessi


Fai questo per evitarli


Può essere nocivo se qualcuno simile ti circonda, ma se si mantiene un rapporto più stretto con loro è ancora peggio.

Provocano lo stress cronico, problemi di autostima, insonnia .

Perché la presenza di una persona simile nella nostra vita, infatti, può portare ad una malattia di cuore a lungo termine, all’obesità e alla depressione.

È importante riconoscere questo comportamento consapevolmente .

Sara molto opportuno di prestare attenzione a ignorare gli insulti e le negatività, provare a ignorare, a fregarvene dai commenti malevoli.

Non lasciare che minano la fiducia, perché una volta che si riconosce che una persona è velenosa si dovrebbe sapere che non si dispone di un problema.

Se è possibile, non fermarsi avere dibattiti con loro, non condividere con loro i tuoi dubbi, e gli vostri problemi o punti deboli.

Basterà essere più obiettivi e mantenere il contatto solo se è proprio necessario con poca confidenza.


La cosa più importante è :

Mantenere la vostra calma, essere gentile ed educati, perché cosi puoi tenere loro a larga nel modo più semplice.

Se non si dà loro la retta o la risposta che si aspettano.

Stay easy and calm!


 L’amore guarda attraverso un telescopio;

l’invidia, attraverso un microscopio.

(Josh Billings)



Questo abito è stato indossato per un matrimonio, dove non sono riuscita a fare le foto decenti quindi ho accolto un’altra occasione per fotografare.

le foto sono state scattate sul rooftop del albergo IL GRISO situato sulla parte periferica del lago Como.





SANDRO FERRONE dress compralo QUI



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  1. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    I absolutely love what you wrote about staying away from toxic people and especially love what you said about staying calm! So true to keep calm when those around you are trying to steal your energy. I really love this gorgeous yellow dress! It’s completely stunning on you!

  2. Meg

    This is such a wonderful post that everyone needs to read. Everyone has toxic people in their life at some point and it can be really hard to accept that and let go of them. But that is the absolute best thing to do. This post can help a lot of people, so thank you!

  3. Candace

    Toxic and poisonous people can honestly be difficult to avoid. I have dealt with many in my life and wish I had a post like this to reference before I made those mistakes. What an encouraging post and beautiful yellow dress you’re wearing!

  4. Samjah

    I’m in the process of getting the negative people out of my life. These types of people can really bring you down. Good advice!


    Oh yes! Totally agree to avoid those people. I met this kind of girl, always super negative. Negative vibes, gossiping about others, not feeling like doing anything, etc. I felt sooo good when I ended the contact with her. Sometimes that’s the best thing to do

  6. Sheree Ho

    First of all, I love this post! I think we all have these people in our lives that we don’t necessarily need and can even be potentially hazard to one’s mental health. We need to see that and just cut off the poisonous relationship and move on. Secondly, your yellow dress looks absolutely Ah-mazing!

  7. Lana

    Oh, yes. Unfortunately I know this kind of people and I prefer to ignore them. But if you have to make any communication it is very important to stay calm, indeed. Otherwise they can really poison your life and thoughts.
    Love your post and great advice how to avoid them. Thank you!

  8. Gina Diaz

    You look stunning dear Eva in this yellow dress and It suits you so great. Really enjoyed reading this topic about poisonous people. Yes, I have met people who acted this way and luckily I was able to recognize them and I try to stay away as much as possible.

    xx. Gina

  9. Jo

    Great piece of advice. I know firsthand how emotionally draining and detrimental having toxic people around can be. It truly is best to keep one’s distance for maintaining self-love and a peace of mind. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress by the way 🙂

    xo, Jo

  10. Hadasah Love

    Hi sweetie,
    I truly appreciate this post. Learning about this kind of people will help recognize easily the attitudes and comments. Also, I thank you for the great tips and advice on how to deal with them. By the way love your beautiful dress. So amazing you look gorgeous!!

  11. Samantha Mariko

    Eva, you look absolutely stunning in this yellow gown!! It really shows off your athletic build and your beautifully tanned skin <33 As you grow older, you tend to recognize these "poisonous" people better and better, and I always try to cut those people out asap.

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