How to wear tea length dresses

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How to wear tea length dresses


Wearing tea length dresses are very simply. All them on the pictures ypu can find on the site of Dresslily.

Extremely feminine tea length dresses is a midway between full length and mini. Something above the ankle and bellow the knee.

Remind me at 50’s when the woman’s began to be emancipate.


A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture,

designed to enhance the proportions of the female body.


Christian Dior


Can be worn in many occasions, at daytime on weddings or lunch and affair events on summer garden, tea parties, graduations .

At evening you can wearthem at outdoor events and dancing

So many possibilities to use their versatility. Your look’ll never passed unnoticed.

All nips you in at the waist and flares out into a full flared skirt.

It’s chic modern choice. Just add heels and a sleek clutch.

You can choose them to enchance your wardrobe at quality and affordability.

These are just a few but you can find more on their site.






Sono molto semplici da indossare gli abiti di lunghezza media – tea length.

Tutte quelle sulle foto si possono trovare sul sito di Dresslily.
Sono abiti estremamente femminili e molto chic.

Mi ricordano gli anni ’50 quando la donna cominciò ad emancipare.

Il abito è un pezzo di architettura effimera,
E stato progettato per migliorare le proporzioni del corpo femminile.


Christian Dior


Può essere indossato in molte occasioni in giornata.
Di sera si può indossare all’aperto e ballare.
Ci sono tante possibilità di utilizzare la loro versatilità.

Il tuo look non sarà mai inosservato.
Ti definiscono in vita e si sfilano in una gonna ampia
È una scelta moderna ed chic. Basta aggiungere tacchi e una pochette elegante.

Potete scegliere altri modelli per incantare il tuo guardaroba per la qualità e la convenienza.
Questi sono solo alcuni ma potete trovare sempre di più sul loro sito.

Cosa ne pensate?


What do you think about tea length dresses?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

With love


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  1. Gracie

    These dresses are all so beautiful and feminine. Reminds me of photos of dresses like these that Audrie Hepburn wore. Gorgeous.


  2. Sheree

    I love tea length dresses! They are so feminine and truly enhance any body type. The ones that you have chosen to include are very chic (I especially like the blue, floral one). Great post!

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    I really love tea length dresses. There is something about them that is just so timeless and beautiful! The ones here from dresslily are outstanding! I’m so obsessed with the lemon print!

  4. Meg

    I really feel like tea length dresses are the classiest ones! They always look so pretty and these ones you show are no exception. I love them!

  5. Samjah

    Tea length dresses are very classy and chic. They show just enough skin. They can be worn to almost any function like weddings and parties. Every woman must at least own one tea length dress.

  6. Gina Diaz

    tea length dresses are so beautiful and feminine. Love all the choices and colors here. My favorite is the lemon dress, very amazing post. Thanks for sharing dear Eva!

    xx. Gina

  7. Hadasah Love

    Seriously loving all these tea lengths dresses. They’re so classy and always trendy. Would love to check out this superb store!


  8. Lana

    These dresses are very elegant!
    Such a good post babe. Thank you for the tips. I also think that tea length dresses should be worn with heels only, they are so glam and feminine!

  9. michenn

    These kinds of dresses are so cute when they are worn with high heels and they are perfect for cocktail parties! I will have to say that I haven’t worn these kinds of dresses in a long time but this post makes me want to go shopping now!

  10. Jo

    I love the retro 1950’s silhouette of a tea length dress. It is so lady-like and sophisticated. Although I don’t usually wear dresses like this, I admire how glamorous and chic it looks on other women.

    xo, Jo

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