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3 Anelli punk sono dei gioielli autentici del marchio PIETRO FERRANTE audaci e grintosi.

Tutti gioielli hanno dettagli particolari con significati diversi.

Perché gli accessori che indossi possano parlare un po’ di te, raccontare la tua storia.

Del tuo modo di essere che può variare del momento delle diverse fasi della vita di cambiamenti o di crescita.


Cambio il mio stile forse ogni mese. Mi piace, punk un mese, ghetto fab il prossimo, classy il prossimo. Sono appena giovane e scopro chi sono.

Kylie Jenner





Da dove arriva il PUNK : Cosa è il suo significato?


La definizione del punk arriva attraverso la musica come ispirazione, traendo le sue radici dal rock’n’roll.

Caratterizzato di un ritmo forte e veloce, a volte aggressivo con sfogo di ribellarsi e lottare, esploso in Inghilterra. Qualcosa di strong.

Inizio negli anni ’50 particolarmente trasgressivo come Elvis Presley, Eddy Cohram protagonisti dei rock selvaggi e perversi.

Le prime forme erano: Beatles, Stones, Animal considerati come padri del punk classico.

Negli anni ’70 divento il vero Punk con i Sex Pistols, Ramones, i Clash.

Come significato: delinquenza e cattivera.

E stato un movimento democratico e rivoluzionario nella storia della musica forse poco culturale .


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Punk rings are authentic jewelries of the brand PIETRO FERRANTE.

All rings have special details with significance .

As if the accessories you wear can talk a little bit of you, they tell your story. Expressing something of yourself in your way of being that can vary in the moment of the different phases of life, of change or growth.


I change my style maybe every month. I’m, like, punk one month, ghetto fab the next, classy the next. I’m just young and finding out who I am.

Kylie Jenner


PUNK ADDICTED RIBBON RING from collection KILLER collection made of brass with silver finish

Black stone ring with studs from collection WANDERLUST Made of antique bronze vintage

Madonna ring collection FERRANTE Brass with silver finish


 PUNK and it’s meaning

The definition of punk comes through music as an inspiration, drawing its roots from rock’n’roll.

Characterized by a strong and fast agressive rhythm with rebellion and struggle, exploded in England and derived from the 50’s particularly transgressive as Elvis Presley, Eddy Cohram protagonists of wild and perverted rock.

The first forms were: Beatles, Stones, Animal considered as fathers of the classic punk.

In the 70s  became the real Punk with Sex Pistols, Ramones, Clash.

The word PUNK is meant to be a delinquency and meanness. Something strong.

It was a democratic and revolutionary movement in the history of perhaps less cultural music.

What do you think?

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  1. Lana

    Such a great rings, I love this kind of statement jewellery and I also love unique rings, I even have my own small collection from all over the world. Thank you for this post, have to check this brand out!


  2. Jen

    I love your punk rings and how huge they are! They really make a bold statement and I actually think they can be worn even with a nice dress!

  3. Samantha Mariko

    I love these super edgy pieces and accessories! I remember back in high school when I tried to dress punk. It’s still a really cool way to dress and I would love to incorporate edgy pieces like these into my outfits 🙂

  4. Gracie

    Your punk rings are really cool. I would love to add them when I wear jeans and leather. Great look.



  5. Meg

    I love these punk pieces! They are such a fun way to switch up your style. Those rings are soo cool and definitely statement pieces. Great picks!

  6. Sheree

    I love all of these punk rings! They really look good with your style. You are so gorgeous, and these photos are beautiful!

    ~xo Sheree

  7. Jennifer Lee Quattrucci

    These rings are truly stunning! They are definitely statement makers and I also love the quote by Kylie Jenner. I love how the pieces you shared are all fabulous but each one so unique and with its own story to tell. Really adore the jacket and the striped dress !

  8. Gina Diaz

    Loving your rings and how chic they look! Will be checking out this amazing brand, thank you for sharing dear Eva.

  9. Candace

    Statement rings have always been a way I have expressed myself and I just may have to get one of these punk rings! I am not quite bold enough to wear more than one at once though, haha!

  10. Jo

    I went through a punk phase in my younger years so this totally speaks to me! Love the punk influences in your rings. They’re a little bit rock and roll but glamorous and chic at the same time too. Right up my alley!

    xo, Jo

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