Black Jumpsuit!!!

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I always loved the black jumpsuit !! I’ve had a few in my closet😀 Shure,knowing that you had no doubt eh? It takes in every wardrobe, because the black suit, is a master key for all seasons to wear from … Continua

Classy black and white!!!!

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Classy black and white look: timeless, always fashionable, on any occasion … You will never go wrong 😀!!!! When I saw that short top from Northland with the stars just fell in love. It came to my mind immediately to match it to a high-waisted skirt, show you in … Continua

10 Low-cost super pieces !!!

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(En Here we are with 10 low cost super pieces.You looking for any new trendy pieces for you closet? After so many purchases I found these super pieces by Stradivarius without must spending too much money 😉 Now in the … Continua

Torta pere e cioccolato 

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In questo articolo spiegherò come faccio la torta PERE e CIOCCOLATO ,per te che ora stai leggendo mio blog e le persone che mi seguono. Come sportiva ho bisogno di zuccheri e spesso mi concedo alle delizie al cioccolato , cercando … Continua

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